What is beauty?

What do we call beautiful?

I was listening to Anita Moorjani the other day and she had an interesting observation about beauty:

“Beauty is what remains beautiful when eyesight is taken out of the equation”

I thought about it for a while and that rang true to me.

It’s not that art and beautiful things do not exist and that we cannot enjoy art, no absolutely not.

But what if no one, in the whole world, could see,

what we then would consider as beautiful, is true beauty.

Beauty is what we feel, not what we see.

Seeing beauty is very quickly about shallow, trivial beauty.

But what we feel as beautiful, remains beautiful, is true beauty.

What does beauty feel like?

For me that is:

Feeling the love of somebody,

Feeling the warmth of true friendship,

Feeling the compassion for other living beings and helping them, being there for them, caring for them.

Feeling the connection with the universe,

Feeling the blissful quiet of silence,

Feeling the pureness of nature:

breathing in the fresh air, feeling the warmth of the sun on your face, feeling the refreshing water of the ocean, …

Feeling the balm of meditation,

The list is endless, you can all find a whole bunch of things that make you feel beauty. You know: that warm feeling inside, that feeling of “everything is good”, that feeling of connectedness, of “knowing” everything will be all right, that feeling of your heart opening up and expanding, that feeling of positives vibes, of pure energy flowing through you.

I would like to suggest that everyone makes their own list this week.

A list of things that expand your energy, of things that give you that feeling of ‘beauty’.

By doing so, you will already feel, experience that there is a lot of beauty in your life!

And in realizing how blessed you are, you will start feeling grateful for all those beautiful experiences, all those beautiful people, …. in your life.

This feeling of gratefulness will make you happy, thankful, joyful = feeling beauty.

This will shift your perception on beauty.

All the material beauty, all the physical beauty will become a lot less important.

And that will set you free!

Isn’t that what we all long for, to feel free, to feel that we are enough, that we are OK?

Feeling true beauty sets you free!

So grab that pen and paper and start making your list of all the beauty in your life!

You’ll be amazed with what you will find!

I wish you all a very ‘beautiful’ week and enjoy the energy that will start flowing through your body thanks to those wonderful experiences.