The future,

When we think about the future, we automatically think about our children, don’t we?


Yes, THEY are the future.

But how can WE help to make a better future?

Where do we come in?

We can create a better future:

by being the example of

how we want our kids to be,

how we want the future to look like.

Yes, we have an impact,

Yes, we have a responsibility, absolutely!

We often hear:

yeah, but that does not really matter, that does not make any difference, that won’t hurt…

Well it does,

No matter what we do, big or small, everything has an impact on ourselves, on the people around us, on the world.,

We are all connected!

And as we are pure energy:

everything we do, sends a certain vibration into the world.


So we better make sure those are good vibrations!

Be pure,

Be honest,

Be a good person,

Be compassionate,

Be loving.

You’ll notice that by being a true, kind person,

you’ll attract good vibrations,

you’ll feel better,

you’ll be a lot happier, healthier.

By being kind, you invite others to be kind too.

And yes, you’ll always meet the grumpy, bad tempered one too.

But by being kind to them, they’ll soften, they’ll lighten up (a bit).

And for the occasional one that stays bitter and angry,

be extra kind to them, know that they are suffering inside, that they are not happy.

I guarantee you that, by sending out positive, kind vibrations, your world will look a lot brighter and you’ll feel a lot lighter.

So, don’t wait!

It’s the perfect time of the year to start kindness!

Smile, wish everyone you meet a nice day and really mean it!

By setting your positive and warm intentions, you’ll see that every gathering, every moment, will feel different, will feel better, even if it’s with the same people you always meet.

Change your intention, change your vibration and feel the world around you, changing too!

Be that example for your children, for the world

and that’s the first step to a brighter future for everyone!Play your part in the big scene of life!

Let’s make it a great movie for everyone!

Thank you all for reading me!

I wish you all a very, very, warm, bright, loving Christmas

and a joyful New Year!

As John Lennon said: “Let’s make it a good one, without any fear!”