Those are the feelings that heal our body and soul.

Those are the only feelings that will make us feel better, happier.




Only make us bitter.

The choice is yours:

Do you want to heal?

Do you want to feel happy again?

Do you want to smile again?


Do you want to hate for the rest of your life?

Do you want to feel angry all the time?

Do you want to feel as a victim, blaming everyone else for your misfortune?

Every problem, every hurtful event, every challenge that comes on your path, is there for a reason.

We don’t always know what that reason is, and that makes it hard for us, humans, to understand that it makes us grow.

Sometimes it takes a long time before we are able to grow from it, to see the positive that is coming from that situation.

But even if we don’t know, don’t understand why we have to go through those hardships,

we do know that it gives us a choice:

will we become a better person because of it?

or will we become a bitter person?

Forgiving does not mean you condone what the other person did,

it means that you can let it go, so that you can have inner peace again.

Take charge of your own emotions, find you inner strength again!

You hold the key to your own happiness.

The moment you give that key to someone else, you give your power away, you become dependent on others, they get to decide when you can feel happy or not.

That makes you very vulnerable, very unstable, very powerless,

because you’ll never know how they will make you feel today.


It’s time to:

claim your power,

claim your feelings,

claim control of your life again.


By forgiving!

By feeling compassion for those who hurt you. Only unhappy people lash out, once you can see that, it’s easier to feel compassion!

By understanding that everybody has their own story. Once you realize everybody has their own battles to fight, you can go a little easier on people.

By doing so,

you will feel lighter,

you will feel better.

You will feel more energy flowing again,

you will feel powerful again.

And life suddenly will seem a lot brighter, even if the situation has not changed!

No amount of hate, criticism, negative feelings,

has ever made anyone feeling better again,

has ever healed anyone!

On the contrary, those negative feelings make you sick. They diminish your energy so that you literally become ill after a while.

Only love, kindness, forgiveness heals, makes you healthy.

If you think forgiving is difficult, just consider the end result.

Which of the following results do you prefer?

Feeling sick, bitter, unhappy, powerless?


Feeling healthy, happy, powerful?

That’s all for this week: compassion, forgiveness, understanding.

Some interesting thoughts to chew on in this time of year where people, all over the world, talk of peace and merriness.

Make it a truly happy and warm Christmas!

Thank you all for reading me!