“We do not see things as they are,

We see things as we are”

 The Talmud

That’s an interesting thought, isn’t it?

We always think that what we see, is what is really there, what is really happening.

But is that so?

I think we always see the colored version of “reality”.

We choose subconsciously the color in which we see the world.

If we are happy, things seem less heavy, less troublesome.

If we are in foul mood, everything irritates us, everything seems to trouble us.

If we are trustworthy, we will be more likely to trust others,

If we are paranoid, we will see conspiracy in every corner,

If we are dishonest, we will believe others are too.

So, we do actually see the things as we are.

The positive side of this is, that we can change the reality by changing how we think, how we act!

This is very powerful!!

Just think of it:

We can make reality better by consciously thinking in a more positive, happy way!

Waw! Isn’t that a precious gift!

Open this present and enjoy its wonderful wisdom!

Another benefit of being conscious about how reality feels, is that we can also be more understanding towards others!

I don’t think anyone can actually know how another person sees, experiences a certain situation, as we are not living in their head.

We all see the world through our own eyes, with our own history, with our own thoughts.

So do not assume you know what the other one is feeling, is going through, ask them and you’ll often be surprised to hear what they actually feel and think.

If we all are a little more empathetic, everyone will act more gently, will be more understanding of the other one’s feelings.

That can only result in more happiness, more peace.

And isn’t that what we are all seeking here during our journey on earth?

So, reflect upon these thoughts for a moment and make the world a better place for everyone! You will be the first to benefit from it. Why wait?

I wish you all a very warm, loving, happy, joyful summer!!!!

Thank you all for reading me and I’ll be back in September!!