The 2nd agreement of the 5 agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz,

“Don’t take anything personally”

is a very difficult one, but an oh so important one!

I recommend this book “ The 5th agreement, a Toltec wisdom book” to everyone.

It shows you how we can live more serenely, more in peace with ourselves and it describes sublimely the traps we all fall into.

Why do we feel hurt?

Why do we feel insulted?

Why do we feel we’re being wronged?

Because there is a part of us that believes the words the other one is saying!

Because they touch a sensitive spot!

Because they appeal to a hurtful experience!

When we know

who we are,

What we stand for,

What we believe,…

Then no matter what anyone says, we cannot be hurt by them.

They don’t live in our world,

They don’t know who we really are,

They don’t know what we think, believe, feel.

They make this comment out of their world, out of their beliefs, out of their experiences.

It has nothing to do with you!

Once you truly believe, that what other people say, is their business and says nothing about you, then you are free!

You have then become immune to gossip, comments, expectations, … and then you will feel calm, no matter how bad the storm around you is ging!

Train yourself in:

finding your moment of quietness everyday,

listening to your heart,

repeating your own values, your own beliefs


listening to the outside world, knowing that

they live in their world,

that they are responsible for their actions, for their words,

not you!

Listen to what they have to say with a kind of ‘scientific like’ interest, you observe, you are interested in other possibilities, in other views,..

without taking anything personal, without any emotions, you are just curious, you do not judge.

You engage in a conversation without wavering, without feeling less or feeling better than the other person.

Try this and you will feel a enormous calm, a freedom, a strength coming over you.

And if you take it to the next level, you will realize that only unhappy people, people who are suffering, are the ones that lash out.

Send them love and compassion and the hurt will go away, no one ever healed by being hurt all over again…..Wishing you all a strong, calm and loving week!!


Thanks for reading me!