I feel tired,

I feel exhausted,

I’ve had it,

I want to quit,

I want to start from scratch, …

Recognize those feelings?

Don’t we all feel that way sometimes?

Do we listen to this message?

Does this mean we have to:

Quit our job?

Move to another house, country?


Bring our children to the orphanage?


Of course not!!!!!

Do we have to ignore those feelings?


Absolutely not!!!!!

Then what do we have to do with them?

Listen to the message!

Listen to what your heart is telling you?

What do you need right now?

Do you need to:

Take some time to relax?

Take some time to reflect upon your life?

Take some time to breathe?

Yes, ALL of them!!

And hey, it’s the perfect time for it!!!

Holidays are coming up.

Use this time wisely.

Take a break form:





Wanting so desperately to belong, to fit in, to be accepted,


go into nature,

go for a walk,

just sit and do nothing,


put your hand on your heart and listen to what it says.

Your heart

knows what you need,

knows what you want,

knows who you are, deep down.

It’s time to return home, to come back to your true nature, to your true self.

There you will feel peace, calm, contentment.

Live close to what you stand for and

you won’t feel empty anymore,

you won’t feel exhausted anymore.

You will feel whole,

you will feel that you are where you belong,

where you need to be.

This is my wish for you all:

Use your holiday to ‘come home’

Thank you all for reading me!