Why is it so hard to let go of the things we cannot change?

Why do we always want to feel ‘in control’? Or at least we think we are in control?

Why is it so scary to ‘let it be’?

What’s the use of holding on?

Does it serve us?

Does it bring us joy?

On the contrary!

We feel miserable, we suffer, we feel wronged.


It’s our pride talking,

It’s our fear talking, our fear of being ‘overlooked’, our fear of not being important enough

It’s our ego which is hurt,

We feel miserable because of our search for approval from others.

If we know who we are, what OUR values are, it doesn’t matter what others do, say, think.

Then we feel enough as we are, with or without the approval of others, because we approve of ourselves.

Feel your inner power and act upon it in every situation.

When something is bugging you and you have no power of changing it, then you have 2 choices:

You either let it eat you up inside, get angry, get frustrated, make it even worse in your head by replaying it over and over again and inventing all kinds of scenario’s (we always create worst case scenario’s…why never a best case scenario…???)

In this situation, you act like a victim, you feel weak, you feel not appreciated, your imagination gets the better of you. You feel horrible.


You can accept the fact that it is something you cannot change, you do not have to accept what hurt you, but accept the fact that you cannot change what happened. And then you let it go, you relax and let it be.

Here, you feel strong, you are in “control” as in: not letting something outside of your heart, control your emotions – yes, accepting you can’t change something, takes away the power this situation has over you, you feel calm, you stick to the facts and create no turmoil in your head, you appreciate yourself and that is enough. You feel calm.

So, remember that you ALWAYS have a choice!!! Even in a situation that you have to accept as it is.

Choose wisely!

Victim or stepping away from the situation with your head high, feeling your inner strength.

“What we are today, comes from our thoughts of yesterday.

Our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow.

Our life is the creation of our mind” Buddha

So start creating a beautiful, positive life!!

You have the power to do so!

It’s in your hands! ( or better in your head :-))

Think about what you want your life to look like,

Act in a way that you enable this life to become reality!

Wishing you all the power, the courage, the creativity to give yourself the best life possible!

Enjoy this positive, light feeling of letting go of what is not serving you, and live a beautiful, joyful life with your loved ones!!

Everybody will benefit from it!

Wait no longer and let go!