“Feel the fear… and do it anyway” is a book by Susan Jeffers which I really enjoyed!

The title describes perfectly what “growing”, “doing new things”, “allowing change into your life” feels like!

Every time we want to change something in our lives, when we are learning something new, there ’s that moment when we feel so much fear that we would prefer to go back to our old self and not to pursue the new idea we are dreaming of.

Do you recognize this?

Do you feel that too?

Do you ever ask yourself when you’re doing something you’ve never done before: “ Why on earth did I ever begin this project?”

Well, this is how you should feel!!!

This is what it means to learn, to grow!

When we stick to doing things within our comfort zone, things we know we are able to do, things we’ve successfully done before, … we will never feel that fear but we will NEVER grow either!

Everytime you try something new, your mind goes into your “archives” to check whether you’ve done that before. As your subconscious can’t find a file in your “memory cabinet” with how you’ve done it before: your ego says: “STOP”, do not go there, you don’t know how, you won’t succeed.

But it’s your ego talking!

Your conscious mind has to be stronger and say: But this is what I want to do, this is something I dream of doing!

Your love of the idea has to be so strong that your ego gets overruled!

You have to take action whilst feeling the fear of the unknown!

You have to break through the wall of fear and DO IT WITH FEAR!

Once you’ve done it, your subconscious ( your ego) will start recognizing this new behaviour and it will say, it’s OK, do it, you’ve done it before, I find a file,..

And you’ll be able to start doing it without fear because the new activity has become part of your comfort zone, it feels familiar.

And this is a process you have to go through every single time you try something new! Yes, no way around it! Your ego is always there to try and stop you!

People who learn new things frequently, will recognize that feeling immediately and won’t be stopped by it.

Others will be paralyzed by it and stop learning.

But as learning is part of life, it would be such a shame to stop learning simply because we are afraid of the fear we temporarily feel during the learning process.

That’s why “Feel the fear and do it anyway” is a perfect way to describe learning!

You’ll be so proud of yourself once you’ve gone through that wall of fear! And the next time you try something new: you’ll know that fear is normal and that you can conquer it!!

Have a very nice week full of conscious, wall breaking, learning experiences!!!

Thank you for reading me!!