Hi everyone!

I am back again!!

Jep, the virusses and germs had gotten the better of me!

But I am back on my feet again and very grateful for being healthy!!

As it is my birthday today, I have more than one reason to celebrate!!

I celebrate good health, I celebrate life, I celebrate love, I celebrate friendship, I celebrate compassion, I celebrate silence, I celebrate a wonderful world,…

When you start making a list of all the things one can be grateful for, you’ll see that the list is endless!!! Isn’t that just wonderful??

All we have to do is focus on the good, focus on the silver lining!

And yes, there always is!!!

I was sick for 10 days, ok that was not fun BUT the silver lining: my husband took a crash course cooking, washing, bringing kids to school,….!! Isn’t that fantastic!! Everybody helped out and I felt I was “allowed” to be sick, that I could for once take the time to get healthy again and guess what: my family didn’t fall apart!! On the contrary, we became even closer!

We take so much for granted that sometimes it takes an illness to appreciate again what we do have!!

Another example:

Our house got burglarised last week ( jep it was one if those weeks ..): silver lining? It was only stuff they took ( and yes they took a lot of it…!) but nobody got hurt, and we realized more than ever that material things are just things and that we can replace them. People are what really count! Not things!!

A friend of mine joked about the fact that we had been working on Minimalism together and yes: be careful what you wish for, because yes, we do have a very minimalistic house right now!!! :-)))

As I said in my previous blog, it’s not what is under the tree that is important, it’s the people around it that matter!!

After those 2 “unfortunate” weeks, I really find myself a very fortunate person: I have people who love me, care for me, take care of me, I have a wonderful family, lots of great friends, ..

So I invite you all to sit down and take a moment to count your blessings too. You’ll see that, you too, are a very blessed person!!! Even in times of adversity, adjust the way you look at things and you’ll discover a diamond hidden in all that mud!! I assure you!

Look for the beauty in every situation and your life will seem a lot more beautiful!!!

Wishing you all a very warm, beautiful, peaceful weekend!!

Enjoy the little gems of life!! ( no, not the germs..:-)))

Thank you so much for reading me!!