Why is it so hard to see the flaws in our own character?

Why is it so easy to see all the “mistakes” in other people’s behavior?


Why are we so blind to what we can improve in ourselves?

If we really want to

“be the change we want to see in the world”,

then why are we

always criticizing other people,

always telling other people where they can improve,

condoning people who are not living life as we think life should be lived?

Me too,

I am constantly struggling

not to judge,

not to think I know better,

not to give ‘good advice’,

not to think that my way is the better way,

even with the best intentions,

we are still judging:

it’s as if we are programmed to judge others…

and what good comes out of that behavior?

Have you ever stopped ranting on what needs to be changed, and actually made those changes start happening yourself?

I think – in my humble opinion 🙂 – that just

living your life as you see most fit,

living according to your values,

being happy to be able to do the best that you can,

enjoying the freedom to be just you,

is a good way to live your life and let others live their life.

In living a life,

in behaving in a way that you would like others to behave,

you might/can be an example to others.

Only in seeing what is possible, in seeing how you live your kind, harmonious life,

others might join you.

Or not.

We can’t control what others do, nor what others think.

All we can control is our own thoughts and our own actions.

Be the kind of person you want to see more of in the world,

Behave towards others, as you would like others to behave towards you.

It may seem very simple to do and the most logical thing to do but


do we have difficulties acting that way!


Again, we seem to be oblivious to the hick ups in our own behavior.

We have blinders on when our own behavior is concerned

and we put a spotlight on other people’s behavior, especially on their flaws.

My invitation to you all this week is:

Be very conscious of how you (re-)act.

When you feel you’re going to say something or do something:

Stop for a moment,

Consider your -about to become- (re-)action:

Is it helpful?

Is it compassionate?

Is it how you would like others to react to you?

Yes? Go ahead.

No? Think again.

How can I be helpful, kind, and supportive?

Only when you have figured that out, then you can react appropriately.

When you can’t think of a helpful, kind reaction,

then do not react at all.

Let it go.

Let it pass.

The tension will dissolve,

Harmony will be restored,

No damage will have been caused.

Thank you all

for willing to look at yourself,

for having the courage to be the one who under-reacts,

for being a kind person.




As we are forced to stay more at home again,

it’s a perfect time to reflect upon:

how you want to spend the coming season holidays.

Are we going to buy all those useless presents again?

Are we going to stress about what we need to buy for whom?

Are we going to stress when asked

” What would you like to get this year?”

Take your time and think about:

what is already in your home,

what is in your closets,

what you own.

Always remember

Everything you own, owns you

So, I think it might be wise to spend some time reflecting upon all the stuff you own.

Considering we all have way too much,

talk with the people you normally swap presents with and be open to alternatives.

Maybe this year you can:

donate to a good cause,

share experiences instead of giving wrapped presents,

help each other with a huge task,

take a course together,

just enjoy being together, talking, listening to each other.

There are a lot of alternatives,

all you have to do is talk about it and be open to new kinds of presents.

It’s way better for

the environment: less consumption, less waste, less pollution,

the community: you donate to a good cause, you help out where help is needed,

your energy:

you do not stress out, so you don’t feel tired;

there is less clutter in your house, so you don’t feel so overwhelmed;

everyone is happy because there are no ‘wrong’ presents, so you feel lighter, more energized;

only good feelings!

Try it and you’ll see how fun it can be.

Just communicate, talk it over with your friends and family.

While you are considering all the stuff you already have,

it might also be a great time to get rid of

all the things you never use,

all the things that are broken but still lying around,

all the things you have more than one of but you only use the same single one every time,

all the clothes that do not fit you anymore,

all the clothes that you never wear,

The list is endless.

If you already sigh and feel tired only thinking about this task:

choose a fun way to declutter:

play The Minimalists’ game.

Let’s say you start next month:

November 1st

designate a decluttering partner

and play the game.

On November 1st: you get rid of 1 item from your house: you take a picture of it, send it over to your decluttering partner and make sure the object leaves your house! (otherwise you’ll pile up stuff in a new place and it will still be cluttering your house, hence it will still be blocking your energy.) Your designated partner does the same and sends you a picture of what they got rid of that day.

November 2nd: you get rid of 2 objects,

November 3rd: 3 objects,

November 10th: 10 things,

November 30th: 30 things.

At the end of the month: 465 items will have left your house!

Amazing isn’t it!

And it’ll be fun!

You do it together so it stays fun and you’ll be absolutely gobsmacked when you see all the stuff there is in your house!

Look in your wardrobe, in your bathroom cupboards, in your kitchen drawers, in your pantry cabinets, in your living room, in your basement, in your garage, in your attic, … just look around and get rid of all the ‘too much’.

What isn’t useful to anyone anymore: just put it in the trash.

What is still useful: donate or sell if you think you can still make some money out of it. Just be sure that it is worth putting it on a second hand sales site because if you can’t make any money out of it: it’ll be just lying there, waiting for a buyer and it will still eat all your energy.

Who is up for the challenge?


Come on, it’ll be fun!

And it will motivate you even more to not go into that over-consuming rat race at the end of the year!

Your house will be lighter, will feel cleaner,

and you will not want it to get all cluttered again at the end of the year.

I think you’ll even go further than the game and you’ll organize your whole house!

Once you feel that energizing, light, clean breeze going through the decluttered cupboards, rooms, … you’ll want to continue!

And once all finished, you’ll want to keep it that way because it feels so good:

you’ll feel lighter, happier, less tired, less overwhelmed.

Just beware to keep it light and decluttered.

Don’t let the little things creep back into your place!

Don’t accept things/ samples you’ll never use,

Don’t let leaflets, flyers come inside,

Leave everything outside or put it immediately in the designated garbage bin.

Be on guard, keep them out,

Because once inside they are very social creatures and they immediately gather companions and before you know it, the place gets filled up again.

I wish you all a very fun game and enjoy the decluttered spaces!!



Every day is a new beginning.

Every day is day one.

That’s true, if you want it to be.

If you get up in the morning,

thinking the same thoughts as you thought yesterday,

feeling the same feelings as you felt yesterday,

you’ll end up doing exactly the same things as you did yesterday and the day before, and the day before that.

‘New beginnings’ is something you choose,

something you work on every day.

Knowing that a drop of love is a thousand times stronger than a bucket of hate,

I choose to live from a place of love.

Is this always easy?

Of course not, I am only human too.

But looking at the alternative:

Living from a place

of hate,

of distrust,

of paranoia,

of ‘getting even’

of thinking the worst, …

then it is very clear to me why I choose love.

The more you practice

looking at life from

a place of love,

a place of compassion,

a place of interconnectedness,

the more life seems to be:



full of opportunities.

That’s why I invite you all to

let bygones be bygones,

let the past where it belongs:

in the past.

Start living now, today, in a new mindset.

See every day as a new invitation to enjoy life,

to make the best out of everything life throws at you.

Even for the non-believers: my question for you is:

What do you prefer?

Dragging yourself through every day, thinking the worst of people, expecting the worst to happen, seeing yourself as a victim who has to endure all the hardship in the world and therefor having a crap day, every day.


Getting up every day, saying: today is going to be a really good day, I choose to react from a place of love and understanding, to everything that comes my way, I know people have their issues and therefor I understand when things don’t always go the way I would like them to go. This attitude will result in having a beautiful day, every day.

The choice is yours.

Choose wisely because it will define

how you feel,

how your life will look like.

Thank you all for reading me!



“The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world.”

is a quote from dr. Paul Farmer.

I happen to believe so too.

When we respect all ‘life’ as equal,

we will do no harm to anything alive.

And anything alive to me, is really everything here on this planet:

It is not because we don’t know (yet) what the role of something (or someone) is here on this planet, that it/they has/have no function, that it/they has/have no meaning.

Everything and everyone has its meaning here on earth,

Everything, and everyone, has its purpose (known or unknown).

We are all connected, we are all part of this ‘one-ness’.

There are indeed no ‘others’, we are all one:

when we are kind, everybody benefits,

when we are mean, everybody hurts.

Here is where, for me, the solution lays for every problem we are facing today.


When we respect the earth with all its living plants and creatures, deserts and oceans,

we will not poison any of them any longer.

We will finally realize that it is thanks to nature that we are here, that we exist.


When we respect each job, when we see each employee as equal,

we won’t be underpaying nor overpaying people any longer. There is enough money in the world to make sure everyone can lead a decent life, if only a handful of the extremely wealthy people could realize they could end poverty if they really wanted to. In the meantime, everybody can donate/help consciously according to their own possibilities.

Hatred, violence:

When we respect each other, even though, we might differ in opinion, in religion, in culture,

we wouldn’t hurt, we wouldn’t hate each other any longer and so we would stop fighting each other.


When we start eating responsibly, only eating what we need, only buying what we need, there wouldn’t be any waste anymore. There is enough food to feed the world, we just have to make sure it gets divided equally and make sure there gets no food thrown away. When you know that here in the West, we throw away 20% of all food, well to me this is heart wrenching, this is insane! Be conscious about what and how much food you buy. Make sure there is no waste.


When we respect each person as an equal part of the human race, then we take care of each other, we see each other as connected living creatures and then we simply cannot leave any one out anymore.

During the last couple of weeks (blogs), we’ve been talking about

how we can get our life to feel more bearable, lighter,

how we can feel happier, more connected,

how we can feel less overwhelmed.

Well, by focusing on others instead of looking all the time at our own life and what goes on in it,

you’ll feel the energy shift you’re looking for.

By looking at the greater picture,

By wanting to be part of this planet,

By helping others (people, animals, plants, oceans, …),

By realizing it is not all about you,

You’ll feel a weight being lifted from your shoulders,

You realize there is more in this world than your own little bubble 🙂 I could not resist 🙂

Your problems diminish when you see other (and often even bigger) problems in the world,

You suddenly feel blessed, grateful,

And that feeling lifts your heart.

My invitation, to you all this week is:

Look beyond your day-to-day life,

See the world as a place where everything has its value and is worth respecting.By respecting people, animals, plants, oceans, nature, …

you’ll do no harm

and the world ( and therefor you too) can start healing because of it.

Together we can do this!

Find your ‘thing’ in this greater picture we call life

and be that person who makes a difference: big or small does not matter, whether you do some volunteering half a day/week, a whole day, an hour, … that is not important.

Everyone can make a difference in this world!

Choose what you want to do and start doing it.

Thank you all for reading me and enjoy your ‘part’ in life!




Last week we talked about acceptance,

accepting what we cannot change.

This is where we find the ‘room’

to start looking for solutions,

to start moving forward.

The more ‘room’ we have, the more we can see.

To create more room, more space,

we have to let go of everything that is not helping us anymore, everything that is still ‘blocking our view’.

I know this is easier said than done, but try it.

Let go of those energy drainers that are only holding us back.

To do this, we have to be aware of them.

Mostly, people do not realize

what they keep dragging along,

what unnecessary stuff they keep in their ‘backpack’,

and it only weighs them down.

We put so much energy in:

holding on to old pains,

holding on to grudges,

holding on to old beliefs,

putting ourselves down,

criticizing ourselves and others,

keeping on hating people,

keeping on pleasing people who do not appreciate us anyway,

But the only thing that comes out of this negative stuff is

loss of energy,

loss of sleep,

feeling bad,

feeling depressed,

feeling angry,

feeling unappreciated.

As Nelson Mandela used to quote:

“Hate is like drinking poison and hoping the other one will die.”

Negative stuff only makes us sick and we hardly ever realize how we got sick in the first place.

Stop living in this negative atmosphere you create all by yourself.

Yes, the circumstances are what they are, but take a good look at:

how you think about it,

how you feel about it,

and how you act.

See what you are able to change and

see what is out of your hands.

You’ll be amazed about how much is up to you and how you react to the circumstances.

Get rid of all the stuff that drains you and here I mean stuff in a large perspective:

Objects you don’t like,

Too much stuff in the house,

Activities that you do not enjoy (anymore),

Too many activities on your calendar (choose wisely),

Food that is not helping your body to be fit,

Late nights (sleep is the most essential thing to feel energized),

‘Friends’ that are only draining your energy,

Your own negative thoughts.

Stop behaving in a way that drowns you.

Start doing things that lift you up,

Meet with positive people that make you smile,

Look at life with eyes that want to see the positive stuff.

It is there, believe me, just look for it.

Even if you can’t change ‘what’ you need to do,

change the way you think about what you need to do.

There is always a positive side to everything!

Look for it!

Once you think differently,

You’ll feel differently.

Once you feel differently,

You’ll behave differently.

Once you behave differently,

People will react differently.

And there you have it:

You’ll be on this higher frequency vibration and things will start looking better.

But the first step is up to you:

Be willing to let go of your negative attitude towards people, towards life.

Only YOU can change the way you think.

But it is worth it!

By thinking differently and looking at your life from another perspective,

you’ll see more clearly what is okay and what needs to be changed.

You’ll see the difference between

what is ‘bad’ caused by your own imagination, created by your ego

and what is really toxic in your life.

Things that are really toxic, those you need to ditch.

Once you see what is really garbage in your life and what lifts you up.

That’s when you’ll know

who you really are,

what you value in life,

what you want to do more of,

what you want to do less of.

The more you empty your ‘backpack’

and only keep:

what is of use,

what helps you,

what lifts you up,

what gives you a feeling of energy bubbling through your body:

the lighter life will become!

Be the guardian of your own energy.

You, and only you, can know what is good for you.

Take care of yourself,

Respect yourself,

Love yourself,

By living in a positive atmosphere.

My invitation to you all is:

Take a very close -and honest- look at how you live your life

and put the garbage out!

The more ‘garbage’ is out,

the more you’ll be able to see all the good stuff!

Treasure all the good stuff.

Let the good stuff shine and let it put a smile on your face!

Try it and you’ll feel the difference!

I wish you a lot of courage to do this.

Thank you all for reading me.




Accepting things that are outside of our control.

Why is this so hard to do?

Why do we keep fighting the inevitable?

Why do we keep trying to control what we cannot control?

If we do not have full control, it feels as if we are not functioning properly, as if we are failing or something…. But that is our ego talking.

First, we try to ignore it,

pretend nothing is wrong.

“I have this”, “I can handle this”,

you just keep going on as usual.

But as we can’t keep on ignoring what is in our face,

then we get angry because of the injustice of it:

“This is not fair”

“Why is this happening to me?”,

“I did not deserve this “(who ever does…??)

and the blame game starts.

Then we use it as an excuse to not be our optimal self, the blame game goes on….

We just can’t wrap our head around the fact that there are things beyond our control … ego, ego, ego…..

And then we get depressed because,

all of our ‘fighting’,

all of our trying to change what is going on,

does not get us anywhere, or at least not where we (think we) want to be.

What is going on, is still there….

We still cannot accept that there is this reality that we cannot change….

The more we fight things, the more ‘fight’ we get back.

It feels as, if we do not let the universe know that we do not agree with what is going on, we did not do our utmost to change/ control what is going on. But it is not ours to control… ego, ego, ego….

It’s only when we accept what cannot be changed,

that there is room for solutions, for moving forward, for letting go, for finally stopping to try to control the uncontrollable.

Some of you might have recognized the 5 stages of the grieving process as described by Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross.

I used it here because I think this process does not only apply to coping with loss of a loved one,

I think it applies to all situations where we feel ‘loss’,

where we feel we have to let go of someone, of something, of situations-as-they-were.

Only by accepting, we find ourselves in a place from where we can move forward.

Especially today,

where the whole world is upside down,

where politics are crazier than ever,

where people are desperately trying to revive the economy, to get the world back on track,

where people do not know what is true anymore, what works and what doesn’t,

where we do not know who to listen to anymore,

where we have this unseen, unknown ‘enemy’ and we don’t know how to deal with it.

Especially now,

we have to let go of what we used to do, of what we used to know, of what we used to think was the only way to do things, of what we think we can control.

Only by accepting that things are different now (or at any given moment in time as change is a constant factor in life),

we can start:

seeing solutions,

adapting our way of doing things,

re-inventing businesses,

reorganizing how we used to live,

re-thinking our priorities.

As we talked about the scale of vibration frequencies in last week’s blog,

you know that when we are on a higher frequency vibration,

we will attract similar, positive situations.

So, make sure you go to those high frequency levels!

That’s where you’ll find your joy, your happiness, your ‘answers’.

My invitation to you all this week is:

Accept what you cannot control and go from there.

Start from a place of acceptance,

and you’ll feel that it becomes:

easier to bear whatever life throws at you,

easier to move on,

easier to find your path again.

As long as you ‘fight’ it,

‘It’ will fight back and give you a hard time.

Live from your higher self,

let your ego know it is okay to not have control over everything,

it’s okay to not know all the answers right away.

Become still,

start with accepting there is turmoil in your life and go from there.

Everything is always changing, that is a given.

Sometimes we see right away the good part of the change,

and sometimes it takes a (very) long time ….

But never stop looking for the good part in everything.

Change is inevitable,

Life is constant change.

The sooner we accept this,

The sooner we will feel more at ease with change.

The sooner we will feel more at ease with life.

Thank you all for reading me,



Last week we talked about

deciding to be happy,


how to live on a high frequency vibration in order to attract similar things.

As I was listening yesterday to Gabrielle Bernstein, that was exactly what she was talking about.

Synchronicities…. 🙂

I fully agreed with, and ‘felt’ what she was teaching.

She calls her method of getting back to that high level of vibration:

the ‘Choose Again Method’:

it’s a practice that is basically what it means to switch to a higher vibration in order to feel better.

Remember the image of a radio I talked about last week:

if you want to listen to a different kind of music,

you have to actively switch to a different frequency.

This is how her Choose Again Method works,

You have to recognize and identify the “repeat stories’ that we keep telling ourselves.

Because if you don’t realize you are in a negative mood and going on and on about how shitty your life is, you won’t know it and you surely won’t be able to switch frequencies.

Then you have to forgive yourself for thinking those negative thoughts.

It’s okay, don’t beat yourself up about it,

you thought them, and now you know they are not helping you and you forgive yourself!

And then a 3rd step is to CHOOSE AGAIN!

Decide here and now that you want to stop feeling bad!

That is the secret to feeling good:

make this decision:

“I want to stop feeling bad”

Do it, it is necessary to move on to that higher vibration frequency.

But how do I get to this high frequency level of vibrations, you will ask.

Well, if you are feeling lousy, you can’t switch to feeling super happy in an instant. That’s logical.

What you do is, you choose to go to the next best feeling, the next best thought.

That is doable and that is how you will finally reach ‘feeling good’.

Go step by step!

Why is this important?

This is how you will create a long-lasting state of well-being!

A very interesting scale is the scale of 22 levels designed by Abraham-Hicks who ‘puts’ feelings, moods to every frequency.

The lowest frequency is on number 22 and from there, you climb up.

Here it is:

22: fear, grieve, powerlessness, despair.

21: insecurity, guilt, unworthiness

20: jealousy

19: hatred, rage. So, if you are feeling angry, you’re already on a higher frequency than being jealous. You are already feeling more powerful, ready to take action. So, this is already better that the all-consuming feeling of jealousy.

18: revenge

17: anger

16: discouragement

15: blame

14: worry

13: doubt

12: disappointment

11: overwhelm

10: irritation, frustration

 9:  pessimism

 8:  boredom

 7: contentment

 6:  hopefulness

 5:  optimism

 4:  positive expectation and belief

 3:  enthusiasm, eagerness, happiness

 2: passion

 1:  joy, appreciation, empowerment, freedom, love

Now, it is all up to you.

You make the decision to stop feeling bad and

then you work yourself up, in your own time and pace,

to go step by step higher and higher on the frequencies scale.

As you attract similar-vibrational situations, people, events, …

you’ll notice it becomes easier and easier to keep going as the atmosphere around you becomes more and more positive.

Opportunities will come up, seemingly from out of nowhere.

You’ll meet people who think alike.

You’ll be able to do things that seemed impossible before.

You’ll “find” support from in unexpected place.

My invitation to you all is:

Recognize your fear-based, negative stories

Forgive yourself here and now for being in this negative mood

Choose to stop feeling bad and go for the next best thought, the next best feeling.

Even in the worst scenarios, you can always find some sliver of positivism, some sparkle of hope.

Look for this and climb the frequencies!

Enjoy how you will transform.

Even when the circumstances do not change immediately,

YOU will FEEL DIFFERENT and that is what matters!!

Feel good and all else will fall into place.

Thank you all for reading me!!



The mind says: “When everything falls into place, I’ll be happy”

The heart says: “Be happy and everything will fall into place.”

People often refuse to believe that

and become angry when you’re only even suggesting this.

But it is so true.

If you are waiting to be happy until everything in your life is balanced and in harmony ….

you’ll never be happy!

It is up to you to create, to live in a state of contentment,

of harmony, of feeling energized.

It all starts with you: if you live on a high vibration frequency,

you attract all things that vibrate on that same frequency.

So, situations at work, in your family, in your relationship, in your finances, health issues, … all change, all feel different when you approach them from a high frequency vibration.

Things that vibrate on a low frequency are: hatred, anger, fear, grudges, resentment, …

So, if you are living on that frequency:

you’ll attract more of that negative, energy draining stuff.

Just imagine:

You feel anger and frustration towards a colleague: the first word that person utters in the morning, you’re already interpreting it in a negative way, so, you’ll respond aggressively and oh yes, you’ll get confirmation of your negative feelings towards that person because -of course- that person will then be annoyed with you.

Another example:

Your teenager won’t ‘behave’ in a way you want him/her to and even before he/she did or said anything, you’re already looking for that unwanted behavior, he/she feels observed and will -of course- react irritated and yep there you have your confirmation of irritated behavior.

This law of attraction works in every aspect of your life.

Even your health, your weight, your physical condition:

when you feel fat, tired, out of shape, … whatever, you’ll behave in a way that will ‘confirm’ your feelings about it.

When you feel bad, you’ll start eating unhealthy ‘comfort’ food which will make you even more tired and you certainly won’t lose weight because of it.

When you feel tired, you won’t go out and exercise so you will feel even more tired because of just hanging on the sofa, doing nothing and feeling like a coach potato.

You can find more examples in your life of ‘confirming’ behavior.

Today more than ever, it is crucial that we keep ourselves feeling energized, living on that high vibration frequency.

How do we get there?

By doing things we enjoy,

By enjoying the things that we do,

By looking at things that make us feel good, ( so stop watching all that negative, energy draining, panic creating garbage)

By being in nature, observing all that beauty and realizing we are part of that amazing universe,

By appreciating all the little things in life,

By meditating,

By taking good care of our body,

By sleeping enough: everything looks less threatening after a good night sleep,

By doing selfless things,

By focusing on others,

By becoming quiet,

By responding to everything from a place of compassion, of understanding, of love.

By seeing others as friends instead of ‘enemies’, ….

And yes, you’ll have to change your behavior in order to change the frequency you are living on.

A mentor of mine once compared it with a radio:

if you want to listen to different music, you have to actively switch stations!

Otherwise you’ll keep hearing the same kind of music all the time.

My invitation to you all this week is to:

Go to that ‘new radio station’,

go to that frequency of feeling good,

of feeling happy, of being content,

and watch things ‘changing’ around you,

listen to the ‘new music’ you’re hearing.

Enjoy the peace that comes over you.

That peace will give you the patience, the understanding, the energy

you need to deal with everything around you.




Last week I talked about creating space in order to feel the energy flowing again.

Creating space -to me- also means:

creating me-time,

creating silence,

creating stillness in your head,

creating moments for oneself.

Especially after

having spent so much time together in one house, one apartment,

having been ‘locked up’,

not being able to do what we were used to do,

not being able to go wherever we wanted to go.

Especially now that they are constantly trying to make us feel scared.

Yesterday I wanted to buy shoes for my son and after 5 minutes we left the shop. It felt as if there was going to be a terror attack.

Instead of feeling relaxed, instead of feeling the atmosphere you normally feel: music, friendly people asking if they can help you,… there was this message in the loudspeakers: “ for your own safety: keep your distance, wear your mask, disinfect your hands, do not touch what you do not buy.”


Is that how we want to live?

Not me, I refuse to be part of this panic-creating atmosphere.

Please, keep a cool head, do not let them get you all crazy and paranoid.

That is why it is absolutely necessary you create your own sanctuary, your place of silence, of peace, of feeling you again.

It is hard when the house is full of people, I know.

But that means it is even more important than ever.

Finding time to breathe, to just sit in silence for a while,

is so important.

Afterwards, you’ll have the energy again to tackle whatever needs to be tackled.

You’ll feel happy and relaxed and everybody will benefit from it.

Make your family understand this.

Just make an agreement with them:

You announce when you need your moment of silence,

you ask them to respect this silence for 30 minutes or an hour (whatever you need)

and you go to your quiet place.

That’s doable for everyone, especially when you explain that they will benefit too.

Afterwards your batteries will be recharged and you can do family stuff together again with a smile on your face.

Young or old, you can make them understand, just think of the benefits for everyone.

We need to make sure we stay healthy: mentally, physically, emotionally.

Now more than ever, take care of yourself!

Sleeping enough also is of utmost importance.

As I said last week: sleep is when our body heals.

My invitation to you all this week is:

Find your silence,

Take time to feel peaceful, relaxed,

Find your inner peace,

Be you,

Don’t let anyone ‘steal’ your common sense.

Remain an individually thinking, kind, empathic person.

Thank you all for reading me



The holidays are (almost) over and I hope most of you feel energized and ready to go back to work/school.

It’s been a strange year so now more than ever we will need all the energy we can muster.

Okay, but “how can I feel more energized?” I hear you ask.

“How do I feel light, uplifted?”

Less is more

and this you can apply to all areas of your life.

To feel the energy flowing: make space!

Space in your agenda,

Space in your house,

Space in your mind,

Space in y our agenda:

Take a really good look at all the things you do and choose only the meaningful stuff to keep doing.

Endless scrolling on your phone does not relax you,

You think it might but it fills you mind with garbage, which makes you feel agitated, irritated, annoyed, hence it eats up energy.

Endless news watching: idem dito.

Endless movie/soap watching, …

Remind yourself of what it is that lifts your heart and do more of that stuff, you’ll feel a huge difference!

Do things that put a smile on your face, things that really make you feel good inside.

Space in your house:

We’ve all been home a lot lately and this can have 2 results:

Or our house is cleaner and lighter than ever after a thorough “spring cleaning”

Or our house is cluttered more than ever: everybody is home, everybody is doing stuff at home and leaves traces of their presence….

This takes away more energy than you can ever imagine.

Make space, clear out the rooms,

Let everybody clean up after they’ve eaten, played, crafted, worked, …

Have/keep less stuff: the less stuff you have , the less you have to organize, to store, to clean.

A few basic house rules and everybody will benefit from it.

A clean, organized house is a sure winner to feel happy and energized!

Space in your mind:

Holding on to negative thoughts,



Thinking the worst possible scenarios,

All those are energy drainers!

One of my mentors dr Sue Morter says it beautifully:

No blaming, no shaming, no complaining!

Thinking positively helps us to feel good, to stop worrying so much.

90% of all the worries we ever had, never became reality anyway!

But it sure took a lot of our energy!

Worrying leads to stress and stress undermines our immune system.

This is another very good reason not to worry so much because we need our immune system to be optimal now more than ever!

That’s why we also need to take care of our body:

Eat healthy, organic foods,


move your body daily,

and sleep!

Sleep is when your body recovers, when it heals.

It’s one of the most neglected tools we have to keep healthy!

So, get enough sleep!

You’ll feel yourself changing!

You’ll feel rested,

You’ll feel capable of handling all the stuff you need to do,

You’ll be in a good mood,

You’ll be worrying less because you feel you are on top of things,

You’ll feel less overwhelmed.

I know I keep saying this stuff over and over again, and I’ve written a whole book about it (which I hope to have published beginning of next year) because I truly believe this is absolutely essential to our wellbeing.

This is the key to living

instead of feeling lived by the circumstances.

The weekend is coming up so I invite you all to take a good look at what is going on in your life right now.

Make a decision right here and right now,

to start living a life with “space” in it.

Thank you all for reading me!