Often people think:

being “zen”,

being calm,

living in harmony,


chanting mantra’s several times a day,

burning candles and meditating all morning,

smiling and forgiving all,


all of the above can be part of your life

but are not the only things necessary to be okay

with who,

and what,

and where you are in life right now.

What is truly important is that

you know who you are,

you know what your capacities and your weaknesses are

and you are completely okay with them.

You accept yourself,

you respect yourself

and you love yourself.

Once you are in that place of:

believing you are a unique person,

knowing you are worthy,

taking care of, and respecting, the person you are,

then you are at peace.

That’s when you have arrived in your true haven,

your inner sanctuary.

From that place

you can handle everything life throws at you:

that’s what it means to be “zen’.

You act from a place of knowing,

from a place of belonging.

You feel you are part of something bigger than yourself,

you know you have a unique role.

You are you,

and nobody can be you or knows how to be you,

because only you can be you.

So, you can’t get it wrong.

That knowledge sets you free,

makes you feel at ease.

Being content,

Being okay with yourself,

living harmoniously,

brings you on a frequency of possibilities:

everything is ok,

there is nothing I can’t handle,

everything will fall into place eventually.

Even in the biggest turmoil,

you can react from an inner calmness.

That is for me what it means to live a harmonious life.

And yes, meditation, quiet, introspection, forgiveness

are part of getting to your true self.

Those are tools to get to your inner sanctuary.

Once you live from that place,

nothing can bring you off balance anymore.

And even if it does for a moment,

you have the tools, the knowledge,

to go back to your place of knowing.

That is my invitation to you all this week:

Go and create your inner sanctuary.

Know who you are and

accept yourself,

respect yourself,

and love yourself.

Whenever life throws you a curveball,

you will find your way to deal with it.

You’ll act from a place of confidence that all will be okay and

this will make you capable of dealing with whatever it is that needs to be taken care of.

That is why:

The mind says: “Once everything falls into place, I’ll be happy.”


The heart says: “Be happy and everything will fall into place.”

Listen to your heart and you’ll be okay.




We know, don’t we?

Oh yes!

We think we know, don’t we?

Why do we always assume that

we see the situation clearly,

we know what we would do,

we know what we would say,

we know how we would act.

I think it is safe to say that one can never know how a situation feels

unless we’ve been there,

unless we’ve lived that situation,

unless we’ve felt it for ourselves.

And even then,

we are all different people,

situations occur

under different times and circumstances,

with different people in it.

So, I try not to assume I know what is the best way to deal with situations/problems.

At best,

you can try to understand and approach the situation from all different kind of angles.

I think listening to the person(s), asking them questions,

is a good start.

Because in asking them questions, you make them look at the issue from a different point of view.

In talking about it in a more detached way, emotions tone down and

there is room for new views, for solutions.

Once they come up with options themselves,

the way is cleared to move on.

You can ask if they want help,

you can be their back up plan.

But only if they want you to be.

Don’t be the savior,

Don’t turn them into people who need to be rescued.

Everybody needs help once in a while,

but that does not mean they are helpless.

They are still capable of doing a lot of stuff.

It’s just this one issue that is causing them to reach out.

Be there,

but don’t ‘rescue’.

The more people feel they are still in charge of their life,

the less the problem will impact their life,

and the quicker they will find a way to resolve it.

My invitation to you all this week is:

don’t assume you know,

don’t think your way is the only way,

don’t think your way is the best way,

don’t be the savior,

don’t see somebody, who is dealing with an issue, as a victim,

respect people as your equals,

just be there for them,

when they want your help, give it,

if they do not want it, don’t force it on them.

Be the person they can turn to,


they won’t be judged,

they won’t be belittled,

they won’t be victimized.

You can also implement this on yourself if you are facing a roadblock in your life.

Don’t diminish yourself,

Don’t see yourself as weak,

Don’t consider yourself a victim.

Consider this situation an invitation:

to take a step back,

to observe the situation from all angles,

to create a solution.

You are not helpless,

you are still a very capable person,

you just need to deal with this issue right now.


nothing is forever,

change is a given in life,

what is true today may not be true tomorrow,

knowing we know nothing

makes us humble,

makes us see that in love we can find almost all the answers, if not all.

Love makes you

more understanding,

more compassionate,

more connected.

Be love

to yourself and to everyone around you.




Feeling trapped?

Feeling limited?

Feeling down?

Feeling overwhelmed by it all?

It’s now about a year that all of our lives have been ambushed by this virus.

How are you coping?

Are you doing okay?

First of all, I hope you are all in good health.

But even in good health,

it is emotionally and mentally hard for most people as:

you can’t get together with the people you normally get together with,

you can’t go to work as you used to do,

you can’t travel,

you can’t go to restaurants,

you are restricted in a lot of things in your life.

That can be overwhelming and depressing.

That’s true,

but only if you let it be.

As you can’t change the rules and the restrictions the government decided upon,

you have to look for the things you do have a say in.

What nobody can narrow down, is how you think!

You are completely in control of your thoughts.

You choose what you let in,

You choose what you keep going around and around in your head.

And your thoughts define how you feel!

If the grand picture is too overwhelming,

because we don’t know how long this virus will be around,

because of whatever aspect of our lives we can’t control,

we have to look for the small things in life.

Look for what you still can decide to do.

You can still choose:

what you eat,

when you go to bed,

when you get up,

what to wear,

whether you’ll go for a walk, for a run,

who you will call,

who you will chat with,

when you’ll do your chores,

what book you are going to read,

when you’ll meditate,

whether you’ll listen to music or not,

when you’ll have a nice cup of coffee.

You can:

still look after your pets,

sing if you like and dance around in your house.

cook a nice meal and dress the table in a festive way.

There are a thousand ‘small’ things you can do to make you feel better.

You see,

once you make your world ‘smaller’,

once you stop trying to move the mountain,

you’ll see possibilities, new opportunities.

You’ll discover ‘seemingly little’ things,

but they can make your day a lot brighter.

The whole situation feels less devastating, less overwhelming,

if you create your own sanctuary, your own happy place.

It is your choice how you look at things:

If you are looking for the things you can’t do for the moment,

you’ll feel miserable and stay miserable as it is out of your control as long as the restrictions apply,


You can see all the things that are still possible, and you’ll feel happy, you’ll feel content, even though you live in a more restricted world for the moment.

How you think determines how you feel.

It may sound harsh but it really is up to you!

Make your world smaller,

Look for all the things you can do!

You’ll feel the difference immediately.

You’ll see opportunities instead of restrictions.

Seeing possibilities, lifts your spirit.

You’ll feel the higher vibration of those positive feelings,

of feeling active, feeling creative, feeling alive!

Because you can decide what you’ll do, it makes you no longer a ‘victim of circumstances’, but the one who gets to decide.

So, decide what you’ll do, now that you have more time on your hands.

See the opportunity of what, more hours spent at home, brings to you.

You finally have time:

to catch up on some reading,

to spend more time with your partner and kids,

to declutter that attic, something you’ve been postponing for years, decades maybe,

to start learning a language,

to start learning whatever you can through internet courses,

to reflect upon your life,

to transform ideas into actual things.

The list is endless, really.

All you have to do is open your mind to it.

My invitation to you all this week is:

Decide you will start looking for possibilities, for options.

Be willing to see them.

You control your thoughts!

Make it positive ones and you’ll immediately feel your mood lifting!


How you think determines how you feel.

How you feel determines what you do.

Thank you all for reading me



The first time I heard that, I was appalled.

I did not agree.

I had all my ‘buts’ and ‘no ways’ ready…

But the seed was planted,

I could not get that thought out of my head.

I thought, if the spiritual teacher dr. Wayne Dyer said so, he must know what he was talking about, right?

So, I started to do some soul searching,

I started to study how people treat other people.

And yes, it hit me, he was right.

People do treat you the way you allow them to.

Does that mean that you completely control how people behave?

NO, of course not!

You are never responsible for how others act


you can let them keep on treating you that way


you can walk away from disrespectful behavior.

THAT is up to you.

And here is what the whole issue is about:

How do you think about yourself?

How do you treat yourself?

Are you harsh towards yourself?

How do you speak to yourself?

Do you put yourself down?


Do you like who you are?

Do you respect yourself?

Do you treat yourself as you treat the people you love?

You see:

this is what it is all about.

As long as

you don’t respect yourself,

you don’t love yourself,

you don’t think you are important.

That’s how long people

will treat you disrespectfully,

will treat you as a doormat,

won’t respect your boundaries.

So, yes,

people will treat you as you allow them to.

The good thing about this is,

you have a say in all of this:

You choose how you think about yourself,

You choose to honor yourself,

You choose to respect yourself,

You choose to let people know what your boundaries are.

And yes, people will be surprised in the beginning.

But people who love you will be thrilled to see that you finally love yourself too!

And people who do not accept your boundaries, are people who took advantage of you not having any boundaries.

So, my invitation to you all this week is:

Look at how everyone is treating you,

Including yourself!

Do people respect you?

Do you respect yourself?

Do people accept who you are?

Do you accept who you are?

Yes? Great! That is the way it is supposed to be.

No? Do people not treat you how you would like to be treated?

Show them how you would like to be treated by:

starting to respect yourself,

letting them know what your boundaries are,

telling them nicely but firmly what you no longer accept.

If they truly love you, they will love you even more now that they see the ‘real you’ blossoming.

If they walk away, then they have never loved you anyway.


Be the beautiful person you are in your heart.

Show the world THAT person!

Not the one, you think, they want to see.

That can never work in the long run as you can never be what everybody else wants you to be. You would need to be a million different versions to be able to please everyone. That’s impossible.


Be that sparkle of beautiful light and love that is hidden in your true self!




WHO are YOU?

And I don’t mean:

what’s your name?

where do you live?

who are you married with?

whose son, or daughter, are you?

no, I mean:

WHO are YOU?

Do you know?

Did you know but have you forgotten?

Are you scared to find out how far you’ve drifted away from the real you?

I think it is time to go and find out who the REAL you is!

Not only to figure out who this amazing person is,

but also because

one can only be truly happy when being real, being authentic.

As long as we are chasing societies’ ideals,

As long as we are fulfilling other people’s dreams,

As long as we are living other people’s lives,

We can never be who we truly are.

So, my invitation to you all this week is:

Go into nature,

Take a long walk,

Go to a silent place,

Put your hands on your heart,

And listen.

Listen to the silence,

Listen to your heart,

Become entirely still,

Feel your heartbeat,

And listen.

WHO are YOU?

What is important, and I mean what is really important to you?

What values do you want to see more of in the world?

What makes you happy?

What makes you sad?

What do you support?

What do you want to see less of in the world?

How do you want to be remembered by the people you love?

What would you change in your life if you only had 6 months to live?

Discover the real you!

Write down

your purpose in life

your dreams.

Write down who you really are.

Get to know that person inside you,

get to know your soul.

WHO are YOU?

Are you living your real you?

Are you fulfilling your purpose in life?

Yes? Great!

No? Why not?

What are you waiting for?

Nobody is going to do it for you!

It is up to you and only you!

Don’t wait any longer.

Start living YOUR life right now.

No buts and ifs.

Do it.

There is only one you,

There is only one person who can live your life and that is you!

I wish you all many delightful moments while getting to know the real you, and

be courageous,

be brave and

let the world meet this wonderful person called YOU!




Why is it so hard to see the flaws in our own character?

Why is it so easy to see all the “mistakes” in other people’s behavior?


Why are we so blind to what we can improve in ourselves?

If we really want to

“be the change we want to see in the world”,

then why are we

always criticizing other people,

always telling other people where they can improve,

condoning people who are not living life as we think life should be lived?

Me too,

I am constantly struggling

not to judge,

not to think I know better,

not to give ‘good advice’,

not to think that my way is the better way,

even with the best intentions,

we are still judging:

it’s as if we are programmed to judge others…

and what good comes out of that behavior?

Have you ever stopped ranting on what needs to be changed, and actually made those changes start happening yourself?

I think – in my humble opinion 🙂 – that just

living your life as you see most fit,

living according to your values,

being happy to be able to do the best that you can,

enjoying the freedom to be just you,

is a good way to live your life and let others live their life.

In living a life,

in behaving in a way that you would like others to behave,

you might/can be an example to others.

Only in seeing what is possible, in seeing how you live your kind, harmonious life,

others might join you.

Or not.

We can’t control what others do, nor what others think.

All we can control is our own thoughts and our own actions.

Be the kind of person you want to see more of in the world,

Behave towards others, as you would like others to behave towards you.

It may seem very simple to do and the most logical thing to do but


do we have difficulties acting that way!


Again, we seem to be oblivious to the hick ups in our own behavior.

We have blinders on when our own behavior is concerned

and we put a spotlight on other people’s behavior, especially on their flaws.

My invitation to you all this week is:

Be very conscious of how you (re-)act.

When you feel you’re going to say something or do something:

Stop for a moment,

Consider your -about to become- (re-)action:

Is it helpful?

Is it compassionate?

Is it how you would like others to react to you?

Yes? Go ahead.

No? Think again.

How can I be helpful, kind, and supportive?

Only when you have figured that out, then you can react appropriately.

When you can’t think of a helpful, kind reaction,

then do not react at all.

Let it go.

Let it pass.

The tension will dissolve,

Harmony will be restored,

No damage will have been caused.

Thank you all

for willing to look at yourself,

for having the courage to be the one who under-reacts,

for being a kind person.




As we are forced to stay more at home again,

it’s a perfect time to reflect upon:

how you want to spend the coming season holidays.

Are we going to buy all those useless presents again?

Are we going to stress about what we need to buy for whom?

Are we going to stress when asked

” What would you like to get this year?”

Take your time and think about:

what is already in your home,

what is in your closets,

what you own.

Always remember

Everything you own, owns you

So, I think it might be wise to spend some time reflecting upon all the stuff you own.

Considering we all have way too much,

talk with the people you normally swap presents with and be open to alternatives.

Maybe this year you can:

donate to a good cause,

share experiences instead of giving wrapped presents,

help each other with a huge task,

take a course together,

just enjoy being together, talking, listening to each other.

There are a lot of alternatives,

all you have to do is talk about it and be open to new kinds of presents.

It’s way better for

the environment: less consumption, less waste, less pollution,

the community: you donate to a good cause, you help out where help is needed,

your energy:

you do not stress out, so you don’t feel tired;

there is less clutter in your house, so you don’t feel so overwhelmed;

everyone is happy because there are no ‘wrong’ presents, so you feel lighter, more energized;

only good feelings!

Try it and you’ll see how fun it can be.

Just communicate, talk it over with your friends and family.

While you are considering all the stuff you already have,

it might also be a great time to get rid of

all the things you never use,

all the things that are broken but still lying around,

all the things you have more than one of but you only use the same single one every time,

all the clothes that do not fit you anymore,

all the clothes that you never wear,

The list is endless.

If you already sigh and feel tired only thinking about this task:

choose a fun way to declutter:

play The Minimalists’ game.

Let’s say you start next month:

November 1st

designate a decluttering partner

and play the game.

On November 1st: you get rid of 1 item from your house: you take a picture of it, send it over to your decluttering partner and make sure the object leaves your house! (otherwise you’ll pile up stuff in a new place and it will still be cluttering your house, hence it will still be blocking your energy.) Your designated partner does the same and sends you a picture of what they got rid of that day.

November 2nd: you get rid of 2 objects,

November 3rd: 3 objects,

November 10th: 10 things,

November 30th: 30 things.

At the end of the month: 465 items will have left your house!

Amazing isn’t it!

And it’ll be fun!

You do it together so it stays fun and you’ll be absolutely gobsmacked when you see all the stuff there is in your house!

Look in your wardrobe, in your bathroom cupboards, in your kitchen drawers, in your pantry cabinets, in your living room, in your basement, in your garage, in your attic, … just look around and get rid of all the ‘too much’.

What isn’t useful to anyone anymore: just put it in the trash.

What is still useful: donate or sell if you think you can still make some money out of it. Just be sure that it is worth putting it on a second hand sales site because if you can’t make any money out of it: it’ll be just lying there, waiting for a buyer and it will still eat all your energy.

Who is up for the challenge?


Come on, it’ll be fun!

And it will motivate you even more to not go into that over-consuming rat race at the end of the year!

Your house will be lighter, will feel cleaner,

and you will not want it to get all cluttered again at the end of the year.

I think you’ll even go further than the game and you’ll organize your whole house!

Once you feel that energizing, light, clean breeze going through the decluttered cupboards, rooms, … you’ll want to continue!

And once all finished, you’ll want to keep it that way because it feels so good:

you’ll feel lighter, happier, less tired, less overwhelmed.

Just beware to keep it light and decluttered.

Don’t let the little things creep back into your place!

Don’t accept things/ samples you’ll never use,

Don’t let leaflets, flyers come inside,

Leave everything outside or put it immediately in the designated garbage bin.

Be on guard, keep them out,

Because once inside they are very social creatures and they immediately gather companions and before you know it, the place gets filled up again.

I wish you all a very fun game and enjoy the decluttered spaces!!



Every day is a new beginning.

Every day is day one.

That’s true, if you want it to be.

If you get up in the morning,

thinking the same thoughts as you thought yesterday,

feeling the same feelings as you felt yesterday,

you’ll end up doing exactly the same things as you did yesterday and the day before, and the day before that.

‘New beginnings’ is something you choose,

something you work on every day.

Knowing that a drop of love is a thousand times stronger than a bucket of hate,

I choose to live from a place of love.

Is this always easy?

Of course not, I am only human too.

But looking at the alternative:

Living from a place

of hate,

of distrust,

of paranoia,

of ‘getting even’

of thinking the worst, …

then it is very clear to me why I choose love.

The more you practice

looking at life from

a place of love,

a place of compassion,

a place of interconnectedness,

the more life seems to be:



full of opportunities.

That’s why I invite you all to

let bygones be bygones,

let the past where it belongs:

in the past.

Start living now, today, in a new mindset.

See every day as a new invitation to enjoy life,

to make the best out of everything life throws at you.

Even for the non-believers: my question for you is:

What do you prefer?

Dragging yourself through every day, thinking the worst of people, expecting the worst to happen, seeing yourself as a victim who has to endure all the hardship in the world and therefor having a crap day, every day.


Getting up every day, saying: today is going to be a really good day, I choose to react from a place of love and understanding, to everything that comes my way, I know people have their issues and therefor I understand when things don’t always go the way I would like them to go. This attitude will result in having a beautiful day, every day.

The choice is yours.

Choose wisely because it will define

how you feel,

how your life will look like.

Thank you all for reading me!



“The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world.”

is a quote from dr. Paul Farmer.

I happen to believe so too.

When we respect all ‘life’ as equal,

we will do no harm to anything alive.

And anything alive to me, is really everything here on this planet:

It is not because we don’t know (yet) what the role of something (or someone) is here on this planet, that it/they has/have no function, that it/they has/have no meaning.

Everything and everyone has its meaning here on earth,

Everything, and everyone, has its purpose (known or unknown).

We are all connected, we are all part of this ‘one-ness’.

There are indeed no ‘others’, we are all one:

when we are kind, everybody benefits,

when we are mean, everybody hurts.

Here is where, for me, the solution lays for every problem we are facing today.


When we respect the earth with all its living plants and creatures, deserts and oceans,

we will not poison any of them any longer.

We will finally realize that it is thanks to nature that we are here, that we exist.


When we respect each job, when we see each employee as equal,

we won’t be underpaying nor overpaying people any longer. There is enough money in the world to make sure everyone can lead a decent life, if only a handful of the extremely wealthy people could realize they could end poverty if they really wanted to. In the meantime, everybody can donate/help consciously according to their own possibilities.

Hatred, violence:

When we respect each other, even though, we might differ in opinion, in religion, in culture,

we wouldn’t hurt, we wouldn’t hate each other any longer and so we would stop fighting each other.


When we start eating responsibly, only eating what we need, only buying what we need, there wouldn’t be any waste anymore. There is enough food to feed the world, we just have to make sure it gets divided equally and make sure there gets no food thrown away. When you know that here in the West, we throw away 20% of all food, well to me this is heart wrenching, this is insane! Be conscious about what and how much food you buy. Make sure there is no waste.


When we respect each person as an equal part of the human race, then we take care of each other, we see each other as connected living creatures and then we simply cannot leave any one out anymore.

During the last couple of weeks (blogs), we’ve been talking about

how we can get our life to feel more bearable, lighter,

how we can feel happier, more connected,

how we can feel less overwhelmed.

Well, by focusing on others instead of looking all the time at our own life and what goes on in it,

you’ll feel the energy shift you’re looking for.

By looking at the greater picture,

By wanting to be part of this planet,

By helping others (people, animals, plants, oceans, …),

By realizing it is not all about you,

You’ll feel a weight being lifted from your shoulders,

You realize there is more in this world than your own little bubble 🙂 I could not resist 🙂

Your problems diminish when you see other (and often even bigger) problems in the world,

You suddenly feel blessed, grateful,

And that feeling lifts your heart.

My invitation, to you all this week is:

Look beyond your day-to-day life,

See the world as a place where everything has its value and is worth respecting.By respecting people, animals, plants, oceans, nature, …

you’ll do no harm

and the world ( and therefor you too) can start healing because of it.

Together we can do this!

Find your ‘thing’ in this greater picture we call life

and be that person who makes a difference: big or small does not matter, whether you do some volunteering half a day/week, a whole day, an hour, … that is not important.

Everyone can make a difference in this world!

Choose what you want to do and start doing it.

Thank you all for reading me and enjoy your ‘part’ in life!




Last week we talked about acceptance,

accepting what we cannot change.

This is where we find the ‘room’

to start looking for solutions,

to start moving forward.

The more ‘room’ we have, the more we can see.

To create more room, more space,

we have to let go of everything that is not helping us anymore, everything that is still ‘blocking our view’.

I know this is easier said than done, but try it.

Let go of those energy drainers that are only holding us back.

To do this, we have to be aware of them.

Mostly, people do not realize

what they keep dragging along,

what unnecessary stuff they keep in their ‘backpack’,

and it only weighs them down.

We put so much energy in:

holding on to old pains,

holding on to grudges,

holding on to old beliefs,

putting ourselves down,

criticizing ourselves and others,

keeping on hating people,

keeping on pleasing people who do not appreciate us anyway,

But the only thing that comes out of this negative stuff is

loss of energy,

loss of sleep,

feeling bad,

feeling depressed,

feeling angry,

feeling unappreciated.

As Nelson Mandela used to quote:

“Hate is like drinking poison and hoping the other one will die.”

Negative stuff only makes us sick and we hardly ever realize how we got sick in the first place.

Stop living in this negative atmosphere you create all by yourself.

Yes, the circumstances are what they are, but take a good look at:

how you think about it,

how you feel about it,

and how you act.

See what you are able to change and

see what is out of your hands.

You’ll be amazed about how much is up to you and how you react to the circumstances.

Get rid of all the stuff that drains you and here I mean stuff in a large perspective:

Objects you don’t like,

Too much stuff in the house,

Activities that you do not enjoy (anymore),

Too many activities on your calendar (choose wisely),

Food that is not helping your body to be fit,

Late nights (sleep is the most essential thing to feel energized),

‘Friends’ that are only draining your energy,

Your own negative thoughts.

Stop behaving in a way that drowns you.

Start doing things that lift you up,

Meet with positive people that make you smile,

Look at life with eyes that want to see the positive stuff.

It is there, believe me, just look for it.

Even if you can’t change ‘what’ you need to do,

change the way you think about what you need to do.

There is always a positive side to everything!

Look for it!

Once you think differently,

You’ll feel differently.

Once you feel differently,

You’ll behave differently.

Once you behave differently,

People will react differently.

And there you have it:

You’ll be on this higher frequency vibration and things will start looking better.

But the first step is up to you:

Be willing to let go of your negative attitude towards people, towards life.

Only YOU can change the way you think.

But it is worth it!

By thinking differently and looking at your life from another perspective,

you’ll see more clearly what is okay and what needs to be changed.

You’ll see the difference between

what is ‘bad’ caused by your own imagination, created by your ego

and what is really toxic in your life.

Things that are really toxic, those you need to ditch.

Once you see what is really garbage in your life and what lifts you up.

That’s when you’ll know

who you really are,

what you value in life,

what you want to do more of,

what you want to do less of.

The more you empty your ‘backpack’

and only keep:

what is of use,

what helps you,

what lifts you up,

what gives you a feeling of energy bubbling through your body:

the lighter life will become!

Be the guardian of your own energy.

You, and only you, can know what is good for you.

Take care of yourself,

Respect yourself,

Love yourself,

By living in a positive atmosphere.

My invitation to you all is:

Take a very close -and honest- look at how you live your life

and put the garbage out!

The more ‘garbage’ is out,

the more you’ll be able to see all the good stuff!

Treasure all the good stuff.

Let the good stuff shine and let it put a smile on your face!

Try it and you’ll feel the difference!

I wish you a lot of courage to do this.

Thank you all for reading me.