Corona virus = lesson in humility.

Did I just shock you?

Are you appalled by what I say?

Or do you agree?

Let me explain myself:

We, humans, need nature to thrive, to survive and not the other way around.

In fact, nature is better off without mankind.

And that’s what most of us do not get.

We, humans, think we are superior to all other living creatures,

We think we know better and try to alter nature’s course,

We think we have the solution to everything that goes ‘wrong’,

We think we can ‘beat’ everything we do not approve of in nature,

We think we are entitled to most of the land,

We consider oceans and water as solely for human consumption and for crops or whatever that can be of use to us, to consume or to have.

We get rid of everything we don’t like or don’t know what it can do for us.

We want a lot of land, so we cut the trees,

We want no uncomfortable slopes, so we level the ground,

We don’t want to get our feet dirty, so we put concrete on the soil,

We don’t like the stain in our carpet, so we use poison to clean it,

We don’t like the weeds in our garden, so we use yet another poison to get rid of it (for -at best- a couple of weeks, wow what a gain!)

The list is -unfortunately- endless.

We keep on destroying our planet, our home,

and still, we ask for more.

We want clean water because we don’t want to get sick, okay, that’s reasonable.

Let’s see: maybe we should use less poison?

We want clean air to breathe,

Oh yes, pollution…. well maybe it’s time to pollute less.

We want to eat all kinds of fruit and vegetables all year round,

So we just fly them in from the other side of the world, what are planes for, right? Exhaust emission levels..???? Ring any bells?

We want to eat healthy but no, we don’t support organic farmers, that food costs too much,

Okay, so maybe if we all would buy organic food……all farmers would start growing organic crops and then healthy competition could kick in.

So, what has all this to do with corona virus being a lesson in humility?

Well, let’s face it: one ‘little bug’ and

The ‘human’ world derails,

Economy falls flat on its face,

We turn into scared little creatures,

We lose perspective,

We still want more and more and we only think of me, myself and I,

We don’t have any cure,

We don’t know how to handle the situation, …

Well, that makes us really superior, doesn’t it?

Do we even think about this whole thing on a larger scale?

Do we take a step back and re-assess how we are living here on this amazing planet?

Do we adjust the image we have of us, humans, and our impact on nature?

Do we realize we are not the VIP’s of all living creatures?

Maybe, we should be thankful we get to live here too?

Who says, animals are less important?

Who still thinks insects, bees, … are just a nuisance?

Who still thinks pesticides, herbicides, … are not harmful? (yes, but the label says so…. Duh)

Who uses all kinds of cleanings products, chemicals, … and is still convinced: “Oh I am just using a little bit, that won’t hurt the planet?” Newsflash: Millions of people are thinking that!!!!!

Yes, I get on my high horse about this subject.


Be completely honest to yourself!

You want to be healthy?

Help create a healthy environment!!

You can’t be half pregnant: either you are or you are not.

This is my call to you all for this week:

Take a very close look at your own life and make a decision:

Do I want a clean, healthy planet?


Then start cleaning up your life today!

Use organic products,

Eat healthy, organic food,

Stop taking a pill for every little ache you feel,

Get your body moving,

Go outside and breathe,

Use water wisely and limited,

Re-use rainwater,

Use solar energy,

Drive an electric car,

Or even better, use your bike or go on foot,

Stop consuming just to consume,

Become a conscious customer: buy local, eat local,

Use what you have,

Get broken stuff fixed instead of just throwing it out.

Go through your whole house and clear out all the clutter:

Only keep what you use, donate what is still in good shape, and dispose responsibly of all the stuff that is no use for anyone anymore.

Get rid of all the poisons in your house:

You’ll be shocked by what a chemical dump your house has become over the years.

Let’s see what toxic products you have:

Most of your detergents, cleaning products, all insect repellents, herbicides, pesticides, old paints just sitting there in rusting cans, old varnishes you never use,  air ‘refreshers’: my god is that a joke or what, most of your medical cabinet ( you can cure any common health issue with natural remedies yourself), …

Get rid of it in a responsible way and

change your attitude: use natural, eco-friendly products.

When everyone runs a clean, healthy ship, the whole world is a cleaner, nicer place to live!

Decide now and live up to it!

Honor this beautiful, amazing globe!

Thank you all for reading me and for living consciously and responsibly! Thank you!


I would like to share with you one of Oprah’s life changing moments:

A guest in her show one day, said:

“Real forgiveness happens the moment you let go of the hope that life could have been any different.”

We can’t forgive as long as there is still that thought in our head, that longing, that hope, that it never happened.

It did.

That, you can never change,

The past is the past and will always be there.


Stop hoping that person did not hurt you,

Stop thinking that event never happened.

It did, look forward, move on.

I know it is difficult,

But what is the alternative?

Hate, holding a grudge, revenge?

Do you know how much of your energy revenge is eating up all the time?

When you’re holding on to a grudge, that grudge is holding on to you too.

It consumes so much energy, and to what purpose?

The past will never change,

It won’t make you any happier,

It won’t improve your life.

On the contrary.

The biggest act of self-love, is forgiveness!

You don’t indulge what happened, no!

You just set yourself free!

Free from hate,

Free from sleepless nights,

Free from feeling hurt,

Free from feeling insulted,

Free from the past!

At last!

Look at your life,

Look at what you have right now,

Look at who loves you,

Look at who you love,

Look at all the wonderful things in your life,

And let go of all negativity from the past!

You’ll feel so much more







Nothing is holding you back anymore,

Nothing is consuming all your energy anymore,

You stop wasting energy on useless thoughts, on emotions that are not making you stronger: on the contrary, negative emotions make you weaker.

Forgiving is:

seeing your real value,

seeing you are worthy of a happy life,

knowing that what happened says nothing about you, but everything about the other person,

choosing to move on,

looking at all the beauty you have right now,

looking forward to all the good stuff that has yet to come!

We all have time to think right now, time to reflect upon our lives.

Use this time to clean up all your old cobwebs, all your old grudges.

It’s time to turn your face to the sun and breathe,

Feel the air filling your lungs and feel free!

Freedom is in your head,

Choose how and what you think and you’ll feel your emotions shifting.

Enjoy the energy,

Enjoy life!

Thank you all for reading me and take care of yourself and your loved ones!!!



Beautiful, blissful silence.

Listen to it.

It’s been so long since we had this complete and utter silence:

No traffic,

Hardly any planes.

Treasure it,

Relish it,

Submerge yourself in this healing silence.

How does it make you feel?





As if a weight has been taken from your shoulders?

Honestly, how does it make you feel?

Is it a new sensation?

Is it frightening?

What does it evoke in you?

Just sit with it and listen.

What do you hear?

What do you feel?

Do you feel your heart beating?

Do you feel the real you?

What is your inner voice telling you?

Do you feel what is really important to you?

Do you have a clear vision of how you want to live your life?

I think it is a great present we’ve been given now:

Everybody has to slow down,

Everybody has to reconsider their lives, their future.

Don’t be afraid of this silence,

Embrace it,

Learn from it.

You’ll see so much clearer,

You’ll feel so much more relaxed,

You’ll have so much more confidence,

You’ll just … know.

I wish you all a very quiet week, a very silent week

So that you can listen and hear your answers.



Where does our happiness come from?

What ‘makes’ us happy?

How can we trigger this feeling of happiness?

You often hear people say:

‘when I get this promotion, I’ll be happy’

‘when my kids stop acting out, I’ll be happy’

‘if only that person could behave differently, I would be happy’

‘when I’ve saved that amount of money, I’ll be happy’

‘if only, then…’

The list is endless.

Do you recognize this?

As long as you wait for outer things to happen, to change… in order to be happy,

you’ll never be happy.

The moment you take charge of your own feelings:

is the moment where you decide you are enough, you have enough.

That is the moment you choose to be happy.

Happiness comes from within yourself.

The outer world will always be there,

Things will always happen,

We can’t control the circumstances.

All we can do is:

develop that inner power,

discover your inner source,

look at who you are, what your values are, what is important to you.

And then start living accordingly.

Once you have a clear image of what kind of person you really want to be, of what your true nature is:

then it becomes easier to live from your inner source, your inner power, your inner self.

Once you see that clear image, you realize it is okay, it is possible to be that person, you can be you, you are allowed to be you.

Then every choice, every decision you have to make, becomes easier too:

You can stop trying to live up to other people’s expectations, because you’ll never please everyone anyway.

You can stop overcharging your schedule with things you do, just because you think you should do them, again, you’ll never please everyone.

You can stop pretending you are someone else; if it’s not your true nature, you’ll never belong anyway.

You can stop acting,

you can finally just be YOU.

You’ll be surprised by how you are truly loved, truly appreciated now.

You realize it is okay to take some time for silence, for reading, for whatever YOU need to do for your own inner peace and happiness.

Is this selfish?

No, it’s self care.

You start living according to your values and you’ll be happier, stronger, more confident, more relaxed and you’ll become the best version of yourself, hence you’ll be at your best for everyone around you!

You take charge of your inner strength and you’ll be the best parent, the best friend, the best partner, the best employee, ….

Because you are content,

Because you hold the key to your own feelings,

Because you don’t let outer circumstances define how you feel,

Because you know you can change the way you feel by tapping in to your inner source of contentment, of happiness, of feeling enough.

That is where your happiness comes from

That’s what makes us happy

That’s where we find the triggers, the food we need for our heart.

This is my wish for you:

Find your silence,

Put your hand on your heart,

Discover who you really are,

Start living as the person you ARE.

You are unique,

You are enough.

And the right people, the people who really matter, will love you for it!


Are we changing our behaviour yet?

Are we analyzing our ways of living yet?

Do we treat this ‘time-out as a real time-out?

I know for some of us this is a time of double shifts and extra hard work so I am not talking about them.

I am talking about all of us who have to stay at home, who are working less because business is slow or maybe completely down.

I think it’s time, high time:

to become more mindful, more conscious, more aware.

Take a close look at:

who we are,

what we do,

how we treat other people,

how we live,

what we eat,

how we treat our own body, …

Circumstances ask us to make our bodies as strong as possible, we need our immune system to be in top shape, more than ever.

Wouldn’t this be the perfect time to finally start listening to our body (again)?

Our body is always right.

It’s us, we, our minds,

Which override the signals.

Our body is telling us what it needs and what not,

But do we understand what it says?

Do we go to sleep or do we still watch this extra episode?

Even though, we know we will feel tired in the morning. Maybe we’ve become so used to feeling tired that we think this is the way we are supposed to feel….

Do we eat less junk and more vegetables?

Or do we just complain we’re gaining weight and feel bloated all the time….

Do we go for a run or a good walk?

Or do we say: my body aches, my joints can’t handle physical exercise, I am out of breath


You see, it’s all in our own hands.

Yes, 100%.

Do you hear me say it’s easy?

Absolutely not!

But you can!

It’ s all in the mind:

do you want it or not?

Do you want to feel energized in the morning?

Then here’s what you need to do:

Go to bed at 10pm.

Yes, I know and I would want to but I can’t sleep. I hear you. It took me years of ‘not sleeping’ before I realized it did not have to be like that, that I could change this.

Build rituals and after a while your body and mind will adapt and yes, you WILL sleep again!!

Go to bed at the same time, every day.

No phone or computers 1,5 hour before sleep.

Let your stomach start digesting 2 hours before you go to bed, so no junk or snacks just before you go to bed.

Go easy on the alcohol: I know they say that 1 glass of red wine is healthy, and I sure can appreciate a good glass of red wine, but take 1 small glass, you’ll appreciate it just the same.

Watch something peaceful, something that makes you laugh instead of something that makes your blood pressure go through the roof.

Take a little book next to your bed and write every evening what made you smile today, what you enjoyed… so you can go to sleep with good, pleasant thoughts in your head.

You can add meditation, a little yoga or breathing exercises

Just build your own ritual, step by step and do it every single day until it has become your new habit!

Then you will sleep again, try it and you’ll see.

The same goes for your eating habits, your work out plan, …
You control what you do.

Work out new recipes, new schedules for your work out!

This is the perfect way to start building your immune system, to reinforce your body.

Don’t wait, start NOW.

Start living in this new, healthy way.

This is your wakeup call to (finally) start:

Respecting your body,

Realizing how important good health is,

Cherishing your body: it’s protecting you.

Stop destroying this treasure you’ve been given.

Nature is very intelligent; it knows how to heal itself.

But it also has its limits….

Take this time to reflect, to make plans of how we will start treating our bodies, nature, the whole planet with the respect it deserves so it can heal again.

Go outside (or go out onto your balcony, open a window) and take a deep breath and take a good look at the trees, the sun, the sky, the birds, … just breathe and say ‘thank you’.

I wish you all a very healthy, restful, thankful week!!!

And for those who have to work double shifts: thank you for taking so good care of us!!!! We are sending you all of our love and lots of energy!!

Thank you all for reading me!



We never seem to have enough of it,

We would like to have more time,

We often say: Time flies…

What if this ‘new given’ time nowadays, is meant to have us, re-think our use of time?

What if we start reflecting on:

What do we want to spend time on?

What is really important?

What is a waste of time?

What is the best way possible to spend my time here on earth?

Who am I?

I believe this is an opportunity to reconsider how we live our lives.

Maybe it’s an invitation to start:

enjoying life more,

being more grateful for what we have,

looking at things from a positive point of view…

Instead of feeling stuck at home:

Enjoy not being in traffic.

Instead of feeling too crowded with everyone at home,

Enjoy each other’s company.Instead of nagging about certain foods we can’t find in the store,

Invent new recipes, be creative.

Instead of complaining about not seeing people,

Come back to yourself, spend time re-discovering who you really are and what YOU really want, stop living on auto pilot as in ‘how other people, society, expect you to live’.

As spring has arrived:

(and wow, is the sun shining or what? I think nature is very happy with all that clean air!)

We can start our ‘spring cleaning’!

And I don’t mean just the cleaning part of it,


I mean, really go through your stuff:

Empty your closets,

Clean out your rooms.

Look at what is ‘hidden’

in your attic,

In your basement,

In your garden shed.

I guarantee you will feel like being on a treasure hunt!

Go through your stuff and consider what you really need and what not.

Make 3 categories:

Garbage: out it goes. Yes, no use in letting it gather dust for many years to come.

Keep: organize the stuff you are keeping in a logical way so that you’ll actually find it when you need it.

Donate: as we can’t go and donate it right this minute, allot a place in your house and put all -still usable- stuff you are going to donate in that designated spot.

Once we get the all clear, go and donate that stuff.

You’ll be amazed byhow light you will feel,

how energized you will feel,

how full of plans and creativity you will be!

It feels so good to have less stuff lying around and to donate it to people who are actually going to use it.

Really, just try it and feel the difference, feel the lightness, feel the air filling your lungs, feel the weight being lifted from your shoulders.

It’s amazing what a good ‘clean out’ can achieve.

For now,

I would like to ask everyone:

make the best of the situation at hand:

we can’t change the fact that we need to stay in our homes,

So, all we can do:

Make good use of this time.

Take good care of ourselves and our familyEat healthy foods,

Drink lots of water,


This will make your body stronger.

Have a good talk with your kids, your partner,

Be there for each other and enjoy being together!

When things get tough, or when you get fed up with them,

Just imagine how lucky you are to have them with you!

People who have lost a loved one, would give the world to have them nearby.

Call, mail, Skype with family, friends,

That will make your ‘heart’ stronger.

Make the best of what you can do with your time at home,

Clearing out stuff, making space, will make your energy start flowing again, will bring you back to who you really are, to what really matters!

And this makes your mind stronger.

“Make lemonade of the lemons we’re given right now”

I wish you all a strong, healthy, responsible, ‘new-ways-of-spending-your-time’, warm and very kind week!

Thank you all for reading me!


“Sunrise comes after the darkest hours.”

We often have to hit rock bottom before we realize our lives can/must change.

Disasters happen,

Diseases spread all over the world,

We are hurt, we feel pain,

We are scared,


we don’t understand this.

Why do those things happen?


On short-term basis, we cannot find a positive meaning to disaster, it’s impossible to see a positive thing coming from all this.

But what about over the long haul?

Will it change our view on our lives?

Will we be more grateful for what we have,

for what we take for granted?

Will we become kinder people?

Will we feel more empathy for when disaster strikes somewhere else?

Could it be that, here in the West, we thought:

we were free from highly contagious illnesses?

we had everything under control?

we knew perfectly well how to run things?

I think/hope it is a big eye opener for a lot of people:

“This can actually happen to us too!”

It’s not only in Africa or in any other far away country that:

illnesses seem to take over control,

people are not able to cope immediately with the situation at hand

people panic and start acting irrationally.

Maybe next time there is an outbreak somewhere in the world, we’ll be more willing to help them out.

Maybe it will make us realize that only love and kindness are the real answers.

I know, businesses suffer enormously,

I don’t want to minimize any of this, it hits us hard.

That’s why:

people have to rethink their way of working,

people have to come up with short-term solutions,

people have to create strategies so that their business can -hopefully- survive.

Everything is uncertain, and that is hard.


What if we see this as an invitation to reconsider our whole system?

What if we could learn new -and better- ways to conduct our business?

What if, maybe, we realize we were stuck in old habits?

What if, maybe we find an ‘eco-friendlier’ way of running our whole economic system?

What if, maybe, we start to be more ethical, more respectful in the way we treat the competition, the clients?

I don’t know.

All I know is, we have this situation at hand and there are two ways of dealing with it:

We either,

see ourselves as victims: we feel helpless, we panic, we become egotistical.


We see an opportunity/ an invitation:

to find new ways,

to invent new systems, new solutions,

to help each other in the best ways possible,

to actually start living as kind and loving people.

We have time on our hands these week(s), so reflect on this for a while and open your mind to the lessons there are to be learned.

The world, nature, mankind was suffering and now,

we get this world-spread virus that knows no countries, no religion, no color, no gender….

I can only see this as an opportunity for us, human beings, to step up and

become better people,

have more respect for nature,

take nobody or nothing for granted,

become more grateful and more conscious.

I wish you all a good health, a warm heart and

take very good care of yourself and of the people around you,

keep your mind in good spirits (as I wrote in last week’s blog).

And reflect on this situation on a universal scale, be humble, learn what it is teaching us.

We are all connected, we are all living on this planet, there is no room for individualism.

Thank you all for reading me!


You know I like to start my blogs with a quote, or a question, and here is the quote I’ve chosen for this week

I like this one a lot! (Obviously or I wouldn’t have picked it :-))

As I am absolutely not a technical nor technological master mind,

this is exactly my modus operandi when dealing with computer issues, phone issues, and all kinds of electronic stuff!


I never quite drew the parallel with myself.

But it is actually the very same thing I do:

when I “don’t function” well or

when I want to improve my wellbeing,

when I want to elevate my energy level.

I unplug!!

Even if it is only for a minute, or for a couple of minutes.

This is a huge energy booster.

Try it and you’ll feel the difference!

No time?

Everybody has one minute!

The more you say -and feel! – that you don’t have time to take a (little) break, the more you need it.

We all rush, rush, run, run, hurry, hurry, …

And one day, we will have outrun ourselves…

We will become ill or as Courtney Carver says:

“you’ll face a break down, or a break up or both.”

If you don’t unplug,

If you don’t take the time to:

“Reboost” as in: recharge your batteries, elevate your level of energy,

Take care of your body

Take care of your mind,

Take care of your relationships,

There is only one outcome:

Complete crash, meltdown, breakdown!!

We all get “wake up calls” but we are champions in ignoring the ‘signs’:

We feel tired, but we still stay up late

We feel irritated, but we don’t look for the actual cause within ourselves,

We argue more, and again, we don’t see a pattern,

We sleep less,

We stuff ourselves with junk,

We drink more alcohol,

We busy ourselves with useless activities,


And then suddenly:

We lose our job,

Our partner decides that enough is enough,

We get ill,

And we wonder how we got to this point….?????

Start today,

Be aware,

Listen to your wake-up call(s),

It’s never too late!

Unplug now!

Decide to take back control of your own wellbeing and take a break!

Little breaks everyday:

Put an alarm in your phone and when it sounds:

stop what you’re doing,

take a couple of deep breaths,

go outside if possible. (people are allowed ‘smoke breaks’ so why wouldn’t you be allowed an ‘energy-boost-break’?)

Plan an hour, half a day every week and do something that makes you smile, that expands your heart, that uplifts your energy!

Don’t discard lightly the effect of your levels of energy.

It’s this that will keep you healthy (body, heart and mind)

Don’t we all need to be at our highest, best health level to deal with all what is going on?

Panic won’t work, stress only diminishes our immune system.

The only thing that does work is to make sure our body and mind are as strong as possible.

Make an annual planning for holidays, weekend breaks,

If you don’t plan it, you won’t do it!

Before you know it, the summer is there and you will have been working non-stop.

Book weekends, make plans and actually do fun things.

You decide what is fun for you.

It does not always have to cost money,

Just make sure, you are energized!


Make time!

Take a break!

I wish you all a healthy week, and make those plans!

It will make you stronger and

You’ll already have a smile on your face just by planning it!

Thank you all for reading me!


I often re-read this saying, which is hanging on the wall of my office:

“Don’t let the world change your smile,

Let your smile change the world!”

That is for me my life’s motto!

We are surrounded

by negativity,

by people being grumpy,

by unkindness,

by problems,

by fear,


I know.

But it is up to you how you deal with it!

What are you going to do about it?

How are you going to react to it?

This is completely up to you, it is your choice

AND it will make a world of difference!

You either,

go along with the negativity,

complain about everything and everyone,

see yourself as a victim of circumstances,

be angry all the time


you will feel miserable,

you will feel down,

you’ll have no energy,

you may have trouble sleeping,

you may get sick,

your body will start acting up and will be giving you a hard time.

Bref, you’ll feel like shit.



You can keep on smiling, (even though that is not always easy, I know),

You can search for solutions for your problem(s),

You can ask for help where you are stuck, (nobody said you have to do everything all by yourself!)

You can focus on what does go well in your life:

Yes, there is ALWAYS something going well:

For starters: you are alive, you are not hungry, you have a roof over your head, …

And if you have the courage to ask for help, you’ll be surprised by whom will stand up to help you; just ASK!

Look for the positive things and you’ll start noticing them!

There’s this game they often play during seminars on focus:

“Look around you and observe all the items in the room that are red and memorize them.

Then they ask you to close your eyes and to name all the items in the room that are …. BLUE!

At best you have noticed one or two but you were so focused on finding all the red that you did not see the blue items.”

And that’s exactly how it works in life:

When you’re are focusing on all the negative around you,

It’s all you see!

Luckily that also works for when you are looking for the positive in your life!

Keep smiling!

Literally put a smile on your face.

That alone brings you on a higher vibration and you’ll attract all things on that same, higher frequency!!! (= the law of attraction)

Let your smile change the world!!

The more ‘good things’ you do/say/think, the more positive energy you will send out, and

The more ‘good things’ that will come to you!

Know that even if you can’t change certain situations, you always have the choice of how to deal with it!

Negative people?

You can’t change them, you can only act from the knowledge that negative people are unhappy and,

what they need the most is positive, warm reactions; not hatred or harsh reactions.

Huge problem?

Look at it closely, break it down into manageable problems/items, see what you can solve, see who can help you and for the parts you can’t do anything about: let it go and move on, no use dragging negative baggage if you can’t do anything about it.

Elevate your energy so that you are strong to handle anything that comes your way.

Make time to do things that make you feel happy:

Listen to upbeat music,

Turn your face to the sun,

Breathe in the fresh, crisp morning air,

Use your favorite fragrance,

Give somebody a warm hug: yes, a cat, a dog, a horse, … counts too!

Have a cup of coffee or tea,

Watch a funny video,



Go to that higher frequency, and

feel how your heart is growing,

How your energy rises!

That’s how your smile will change the world!

As Mahatma Ghandi says:

“Be the change you want to see in the world!”

You want to see warm, happy people in the world?

Be happy, smile!

Thank you all for reading me and have a wonderful, energetic, positive, uplifting week!!!


Last week, I heard Oprah Winfrey saying:

“You don’t become what you want,

You don’t get what you wish for,

You become what you BELIEVE!”

and I thought it sounded a bit harsh at first.

But then I started munching the words,

thinking about them from all angles, and

when I look at what people achieve, at what I achieved in life,

I do believe this is absolutely true!

You become what you believe!

People can say a thousand times:

“you should do this or that, I know you’ll be good at it”,

it is only when you, yourself, start believing you CAN do it,

that you will, actually and successfully, start doing it!

Of course, first of all,

you have to know what you want,

That’s a given.

And most of the time, we do know what we want but

we don’t believe it is possible for us,

we don’t dare to believe we could actually succeed in this.

We think others can do it, but not us.

That’s where we sign up for failure!

We don’t believe in it!

Yes, I know, I hear you:

How can I believe in it when all the ‘signs’ say I will never succeed?”

Ok, tell me, what signs?

Your own fears?

Your own convictions of failure?

Your earlier experiences?

What signs??

Analyze them without fear,

look at the situation as if nothing could go wrong.

What would you want to be if you knew nothing could go wrong?

What do you need to know to achieve this?

What do you need to learn?

Who do you need to help you get there?

Make a list of all the things you have to do, to be on your way to success.

Once you’ve listed it, it gets more tangible.

Ok, you’ re still going to be scared out of your wits but at least you will know what you can do about it!

“Action is worry’s worst enemy!!”

Take one step at a time!

After each step you will feel yourself a little closer to where you want to be, in other words, you will start BELIEVING you can and will get there!

Picture yourself, already successfully doing what it is you want to become,

Believe you can do it,

Take all the necessary steps to move towards you goal, towards your dream.

Keep moving!

Never stop believing you will get there!

Ask for help when you feel yourself wavering, or getting stuck.

Visualize your end result,

Feel the wonderful feeling of achieving it, living it!

Become so enchanted with that ‘new life’,

that you will do EVERYTHING it takes to get there!

Dream it,

Believe it,

Achieve it!!

Believe in your dream and go after it with everything you have!

That’s it for this week,

I wish you your dream:

Believe in it, never falter!!

Yes, you can!!!!!

Thank you all for reading me and see you next week!