In silence you hear what is the answer to your questions

In silence you learn how and what action you want to take

In silence you feel what is right

In silence you know what you want

In silence you know who you really are

Then why don’t we sit in silence for a while?

Why are we afraid of the silence?

Unless you are afraid

of meeting the real you,

of hearing what is right,

of seeing what is your path in life,

I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t find those daily moments of reflexion.

Once you’ve created the habit of becoming silent each day,

you’ll feel the benefits of it, and you will keep doing it day after day.

It’s such a quiet, safe haven to come home to, in all the chaos and busyness of the outside world.

Without this place of restfulness, you get absorbed by external things, you get washed away by the amount of “things-to-do”,… and then you drawn.

People feel exhausted,

People feel overwhelmed,

People feel out of control,

People feel swamped.

But still, they do more instead of less.

In doing more, they hope to feel in control, they hope to fill the emptiness they are experiencing.

People don’t understand why they feel empty in a world which is full of action, full of people, full of stuff…

They feel empty because they are estranged from themselves.

They make no time to listen to their heart.

Find your quiet place, create that moment of restfulness.

Make time

Make space

Simplify your life and you will feel the emptiness fading away.

In living a simple life,

You will actually enjoy everything you do.

In having more time,

You will hear your inner voice and you will start living from your heart again.

In having less stuff,

You will actually know and enjoy everything you have.

I bet there are at least 50 things in your house that you are no longer aware of that you have them,… and yet, we keep on buying stuff.

I invite you all to just sit for a while, doing nothing.

Just let your mind be free,


Put your hands on your heart and listen to your silence.

Create and enjoy your own place of peace and quiet.

Have a very nice, mindful week!



Be true to yourself.

Be loyal to yourself.

Make time to find the real you again.

Make space to live as your true self!

Living estranged from yourself ends up in pain:

physical pain,

emotional pain,

mental pain,

spiritual pain.

You can live your life for years, for decades, but not forever! without paying the price.

Then one day, we suffer!

Everything is energy, we are energy.

In not living our true self, we create roadblocks on those energy paths.

And that’s why we are in pain, the energy can not flow anymore, it’s blocked.

Don’t wait until the pain is unbearable to do something about it!

Reclaim your body, reclaim your heart, reclaim your life, reclaim YOU!

In making space, making time, you will find YOU again!

In clearing out stuff, in clearing out your overscheduled agenda,

you will see more clearly:

what you want in life

who you really are

what makes you YOU

what you are here for.

I’ve talked about decluttering in many of my previous blogs.

I know it can be overwhelming.

Maybe you do not know where to start.

Start with something small.

Start today!

It’s the only way to get where you want to go, where you want to be.

For instance if you want to make time, so that you can actually find ‘space’ to think again, that there is ‘room’ for thoughts! Make time!

what you can do is:

Set a timer for 5 minutes,

And just sit and breathe.

Close your eyes and just breathe.

Let everything be

Breathe in

Breathe out

Breathe in

Breathe out

For 5 minutes only.

Do this everyday and after a week you will start feeling the benefits of it.

Add 1 minute each week.

Then after a couple of weeks you do this twice a day.

This is the start of a new life,

The life that YOU were meant to live.

Not the life others think is good for you, is right for you.

No, YOUR life!

Start small and continue to make more time, more space every day.

You’ll see yourself more and more clearly!

Let your heart be your compass!

Love is the most beautiful energy in the whole universe.

Be a beacon of love, of compassion, of peace.

Make your life silent again,

Make your life simple again.

Enjoy life!

Enjoy YOU!

I wish you all the courage and the perseverance to walk YOUR path!



Rush, rush, rush!

rushing all the time….

Does this sound familiar????

I think for most of us it does, doesn’t it?

We rush,

we hurry,

we push forward,

we struggle to get everything done,

we feel swamped,we feel exhausted,

we feel as if we’re constantly pushed.

This kind of living:

makes us unhappy,

makes us feel unable to deal with it all,

makes us feel frustrated:

We don’t have enough time to spend with our loved ones,

We are not present.

We make mistakes, we deliver sloppy work from time to time.

We feel like we’re lacking all the time…

So how long will you keep going on like that?

One of my favourite authors, Courtney Carver, has a very clear answer to this question:

You will go on until

you have a break down

or a break up

or both!

She knows what she’s talking about because she ended up with a divorce and a diagnosis of MS.

Listen to your wake up calls!!!

What do they sound like?

You have the silent ones: I don’t feel well, I am tired all the time, I feel something is off but I can’t put my finger on it,…

You have the loud ones: you get fired, you end up in a divorce, you become ill, ….

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait like a sitting duck for this disaster to happen!!!!

You can turn around your life right now!!

You are in charge!

Listen to your inner voice!!

You make your choices!

Listen to what your heart is telling you!

Start making your life lighter this very minute!

Decluttering is a very good way to start.

It’s very concrete and it’s an easy way to start getting your life back on the rails.

You choose how much you can do each day.

You will feel more in charge of your life,

you will immediately feel more free,

you’ll be breathing more easily.

This will already release some of the pressure you’re feeling and feeling less stress will reflect on every aspect in your life!

That’s the beauty of it!

What can you do this very week?

For example:

– toss away all your old magazines and paper clutter that are camping everywhere in your house: in the living room, in the bathroom, in your bedroom, in the little room.

– unsubscribe from 3-5 mailing lists that no longer make you happy!

– cancel 2 things on your calendar this week that are not necessary and that would consume more energy than you can spare.

– …

You’ll notice that once you start clearing your stuff, clearing your agenda, you’ll want to keep making space, making time!

Give it a try!

Enjoy the results and the way it makes you feel!

I know this too can feel overwhelming to start with, but start small. (even if it is just tossing away a pen that is not working anymore)

Do something right now!

I’ll be more than happy to help you in your journey to a clutter free life! You don’t need to do this alone.

Feel free to send me an email!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

I wish you a very light, bright, sunny week!!

Thank you for reading me.


We kijken naar een vogel en we zijn jaloers op zijn vrijheid,

We kijken naar de bomen en zouden graag hun kracht en standvastigheid hebben,

We kijken naar een rivier en we willen ook die stromende energie voelen,

We kijken naar de zon en houden van haar licht, van haar warmte,

Waarom deze natuurfilosofische uitspatting??

Ik wil gewoon even naar de natuur verwijzen, de natuur waar we allen een deel van uitmaken, de natuur waar we tot rust komen, waar we de dingen weer even in hun juiste perspectief kunnen zetten.

We voelen allemaal de positieve invloed van de natuur.

Waarom zouden we er dan geen voorbeeld aan nemen?

Kijk en observeer hoe de natuur haar evenwicht houdt, hoe de natuur zich herstelt.

De natuur leeft volgens de natuurwetten, die ook voor ons van toepassing zijn!

We denken dat we ons, als mens, boven deze natuurwetten kunnen stellen maar niets is minder waar.

We worden ziek, we krijgen burn outs, …

Laten we daarom als mens, ook wat meer leven volgens die natuurwetten.

Alles in de natuur verloopt volgens een bepaald ritme:

werk- rust- werk- rust, de seizoenen, de getijden, ..

Als we hiertegen zondigen, dan betalen we vroeg of laat de prijs.

We willen alles nu, onmiddellijk, direct, continu…

Maar ook hier zullen we merken dat dat niet mogelijk is! Als je een zaadje plant in de grond, dan moet je ook geduld hebben, het verzorgen, …om dan later een gezonde plant, boom, groente,.. te hebben.

We moeten geduld hebben en dagelijks aan onze droom/ aan ons ideaalbeeld werken tot de tijd rijp is en we de vruchten kunnen gaan plukken.

Inspanning afgewisseld met ontspanning.

De natuur leert ons dat er voor alles een juiste tijd is en dat we daarna moeten loslaten.

Stel je voor dat een boom elk jaar opnieuw zijn nieuwe blaadjes zou krijgen zonder de oude los te laten. De boom zou kraken, zijn takken zouden breken onder het teveel aan blaadjes en de boom zou afsterven.

En wat doen wij?

Wij verzamelen ons hele leven lang en houden alles bij!

Wij denken dat dit niet aan ons vreet…

We denken dat we daar geen prijs voor betalen…

Waarom is iedereen het moe, het beu, willen ze “ontsnappen” aan het dagdagelijkse?

Omdat we gebukt gaan onder het ‘teveel’, het teveel aan alles!

We dromen van een ideaal maar we willen niet aan ons dagdagelijkse realiteit werken om die zo dicht mogelijk bij dat ideaal te brengen!

Je wilt minder het minder druk hebben?

Maak plaats in jow agenda! Ja, dat kan! Alleen moet je het hard genoeg willen!

Je wilt meer tijd voor jezelf?

Plan dingen in, die JOU deugd doen en nee, lezen en scrollen om te zien wat ANDEREN doen is geen activiteit waar JIJ iets positiefs uithaalt. Doe iets wat jou dichter bij jezelf brengt, waar je je achteraf beter door voelt.

Je wilt minder kuisen, minder onderhoud, minder opruimen?

Vereenvoudig uw huis, uw spullen,… en je zal merken dat je ook hier ruimte en tijd creëert. We hebben sowieso allemaal véél te véél dus kunnen we het met een pak minder spullen doen zonder dat we ook maar iets aan comfort moeten opofferen. Integendeel!!!! Rust en vrije tijd is het grootste comfort dat we kunnen krijgen.

Je bent alle roddels en negativisme beu?

Wees selectief met wie je omgaat, wees zelf positief, geef het goede voorbeeld en ja! durf nee te zeggen tegen mensen die jou alleen maar energie ontnemen.

Je droomt van iets maar je gelooft niet dat dit iets voor jou kan zijn?

Gooi die negatieve overtuiging overboord en geloof dat je het wel kan!

Ik kan zo nog veel voorbeelden geven en ik hoop dat dit duidelijk maakt dat:

door heel selectief te kijken naar wat er nu in jouw leven is,

door heel bewust er uit te halen wat jou remt,

door op te ruimen zowel rondom jou als in jouw hoofd,

je ruimte creëert voor wat je WEL wilt in jouw leven, voor wat jou gelukkig maakt!

Ik begeleid jou heel graag op JOUW pad naar klaarheid, helderheid, ruimte,…


de kracht door eenvoud,

de energie door rust in te bouwen in jouw leven!

Ik wens jullie allemaal een heel fijne week, kijk om je heen en neem elke dag een klein stapje in de richting van jouw droom!

Heel hartelijk dank om mijn blogs te lezen!


Empathy works for both parties.

Being empathetic brings





kindness, …

Be an example, be the one that starts acting nicely.

We are all human beings, and being human means:

making mistakes as well as having successes,

feeling angry as well as being happy

feeling irritated as well as being grateful

feeling impatient as well as being patient

reacting aggressively as well as being understanding and supportive


By being empathetic, you see and recognize all those feelings as feelings you have too!

In realizing that they are not perfect and that you are not perfect either, there comes an understanding that we are all human beings, that we are all in it together.

We are not alone in our ‘being imperfect’!

That makes us kinder towards others AND towards ourselves!

Once we start feeling connected to other people, we become nicer, kinder people, we don’t feel so alone anymore, we know it’s OK to feel the way we feel.

This being OK does not mean that it is OK to nurture the negative feelings/ behaviors.

It means we can all have them but then it is important what we decide to do with those negative thoughts/ feelings.

Feelings pass a lot quicker if we don’t feed them.

Feed them?

If we feed a feeling, it grows bigger and bigger until it controls us.

When we do not feed a feeling, we just feel a certain way and we notice it, we decide to accept it and then we let it go.

That way, the feeling is not able to rule our thinking, is not able to control the situation anymore.

We are not our feelings,

Yes we do feel a certain way but then we can decide what we’ll do with it.

If we feed the anger, the hate, the distrust,… it will grow and grow and it will take over our thinking and we will become victim of our feelings. Those feeling will rule us and we will act in an angry, hateful, …way. That does not help anyone!

The good thing is: this works the other way around too!! And here is where it becomes really interesting!

When we feel grateful, understanding, kind, happy,…all of a sudden the whole situation will look differently, will feel differently!

We will be able to be understanding, to be kind, to be empathetic in our reactions.

And that’s my whole point:

decide how you will think, how you want to feel and your actions will be the result of that choice.

If you have the time to be angry or nasty to people then you most certainly have the time to be nice to them too!

So choose wisely and choose kindness!

The world will be a better place because of it!

Thank you so much for reading me!

If you want to learn how to “decide” the way you feel, the way you look at things, feel free to send me an email and we can plan a session.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Have a wonderful week, look and you will see!

“What are you willing to give up in order to have the life you keep saying you want?”

Elisabeth Gilbert.

I find that a very fascinating question. People tend to know exactly what they don’t want anymore in their lives, most of us even have a pretty good idea of what looks like the “perfect” life to them.

But then, when the question pops up, everybody has a bucket full of reasons why they “can’t” change the life they’re living now.Why can’t you change it?

Says who?

Is somebody keeping a gun to your head? NO!!

We always have a choice!!!

That’s the beauty of living in a free country. We do have a choice!

Of course, choices have consequences.

I know.

You can’t have a different life doing all the things you are doing now.

And no,

You can’t have the same life as you have now, not doing all the things you do now.

That’s a no brainer but apparently the biggest issue for people in the process of change.

Yes, change does not come easy. You have to WANT it badly enough!

You can’t have a different life if you are not changing the way you think!

First you have to change the way you think about your life.

When you realize what you do want and what you do not want anymore,

THEN you start acting differently!

So let’s get started with that thinking process.

Create a very clear image of how you want to live, in detail!

Work on that picture in your head!

Then start ‘seeing’ you actually living that life. Visualize your new fantastic life!

Feel how great it is to live this new life!

Do this over and over again!

That’s how you will start feeling good about your changes,

that’s where you will become motivated to actually live this new life!

Once you have experienced this good feeling,

Once your WHY is very clear,

The decisions you have to make will become a lot easier.

Change is never easy,

Change never comes without hard work (mentally),

Change is a process,

Change is something you consciously have to work on.

“You have to until you want to,

once you want to, you don’t have to anymore.”

That’s true: once you really want it, it doens’t feel ‘hard to do’ anymore, it doesn’t feel as an obligation anymore because

it is what you want,

it is what makes you feel good!

So, find yourself a quiet spot, a quiet moment and think very honestly about what it is that really makes you happy, think about what you really want in life.

Then start visualizing this new life, over and over again.

You will feel resistance in the beginning of changing into your new life.

You are discovering new grounds, this feels scary but great at the same time!

Keep up the change and you will feel it becoming easier and easier.

I wish you the courage, the strength, the quietness to find out how you want to spend your time here on earth.

Live the life that makes you happy, not what other people say will make you happy!

Thank you for reading me and I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Hit the comment button, write me an email,.. whatever you prefer.

Have a very nice week!!!


Toen ik deze week in mijn “Denk positief” kaartendoosje dook, haalde de willekeur dit kaartje naar boven:

Ik vond ze één voor één een waarheid als een koe!

Daarom wilde ik ze graag met jullie delen.

“5 regels voor geluk”:

Verwijder haat uit je hart

Verwijder zorgen uit je hoofd

Leef eenvoudig

Geef meer

Verwacht minder


1) Als we haat uit ons hart halen, dan komen we automatisch bij liefde, vergeving, medeleven tonen, dankbaar zijn voor de mooie dingen. In een hart vol dankbaarheid is geen plaats voor haat. Als we uit liefde handelen, voelen we die warmte in ons, voelen we ons licht, blij, mooi, gelukkig. Laten we ons daarom heel bewust focussen op alle positieve dingen in ons leven!

2) Zorgen maken is iets wat velen tot een kunst hebben verheven! We kunnen het als de beste, omdat we er ons constant in trainen! Het strafste is, dat het grootste deel van alle doemscenario’s die we in ons hoofd reeds meerdere malen hebben laten afspelen, zich helemaal niet voordoen in de realiteit! We hebben in gedachten doodsangsten uitgestaan, gehuild, ons schuldig gevoeld,…. voor dingen die nooit realiteit zijn geworden…!!!! Hoe gek kunnen we het bedenken!!En ja, we moeten een beetje vooruit denken, bepaalde dingen voorzien, maar hou niet krampachtig vast aan de scenario’s in jouw hoofd van hoe jij denkt dat het er moet, dat het er gaat uitzien!

Want niemand weet wat er morgen om de hoek komt kijken. Dus laat die zorgen los en leef zoals onze oud premier Jean Luc Dehaene het zo mooi kon verwoorden: “we zullen de problemen aanpakken als ze zich voordoen” . Dit vind ik een heel mooie levensovertuiging die ik iedereen aanraad.

Niet alleen zullen we ons gelukkiger voelen, ook fysiek zullen we gezonder zijn. Wie zich constant zorgen maakt, leeft in een constante stress en studies hebben aangetoond dat die continue stress ons letterlijk ziek maakt. Het sluipt binnen als een onzichtbaar, onruikbaar gif.3) Leef eenvoudig! We worden er de laatste tijd een beetje mee om de oren geslagen maar ik kan het alleen maar beamen. Sorry J!

Less IS more!

Eenvoudig leven qua materiële zaken. Hoe minder we hebben, hoe minder we moeten onderhouden, verzekeren, betalen (zowel met ons geld als met onze energie,.. ( zie vorige blogs)

Eenvoudig leven in de zin van nederig zijn, luisterend door het leven gaan i.p.v. de grote waarheden te verkondigen, weten dat we eigenlijk niks zeker weten.Het enige wat we kunnen zeggen is dat we “nu, met de kennis die we vandaag hebben en kunnen verwerven” die of die mening hebben over iets maar niemand weet wat er morgen kan ontdekt worden. Niets is zeker.

4) Geef meer: deel, geef, help, …we zijn allemaal een onderdeel van het universum, elke schakel is belangrijk. En dit sluit ook perfect aan bij het vorige punt: wie eenvoudig leeft, heeft niet veel nodig, zal ook veel en gemakkelijk geven.

Als je rondom u kijkt: wie is er gelukkigst?

Diegenen die krampachtig vasthouden aan wat ze hebben en steeds meer willen, steeds schrik hebben om wat ze hebben te verliezen? , of

diegenen die blij zijn met wat ze hebben en delen, helpen, waar ze kunnen en vertrouwen hebben dat het allemaal wel goed komt.

5) Verwacht minder. Als we nu eens heel nuchter analyseren wat ons ongelukkig maakt, dan komen we bij 1 woord terecht:


We worden ongelukkig als de realiteit niet aan onze verwachtingen beantwoordt!

Als iemand iets anders zegt of doet dan we hadden verwacht.

Als de job niet is wat we ervan hadden verwacht.

Als de vakantie niet brengt wat we er ons van hadden voorgesteld.

Als……… niet is wat we verwacht hadden.

Je kan hier van alles invullen en je merkt dat het net die verwachting is die bepaalt of we iets leuk vonden of als iets tegenviel.

Als we alles bekijken vanuit een standpunt van: “ Ik ben benieuwd hoe dit of dit zal zijn, zal verlopen,… dan houden we alle opties open en zijn we niet ontgoocheld omdat we niet aan een bepaalde uitkomst vasthouden.

Je merkt dat we ons geluk voor het grootste deel zelf kunnen bepalen door enkel en alleen onze verwachtingen bij te stellen.

Velen worden boos als je zegt dat ze zelf verantwoordelijk zijn voor hun eigen geluk. We willen dit eigenlijk niet horen want het is gemakkelijker iets of iemand aan te duiden die bepaalt of we kunnen gelukkig zijn of niet.

En ja, er gebeuren erge dingen in het leven, dingen waar niemand zit op te wachten, maar hoe we erop reageren, hoe we ermee omgaan, welke verwachtingen we hebben van het leven, bepaalt ons geluk, ons gevoel van tevreden zijn.

Ik wens jullie allemaal de moed, de klaarheid om de positieve dingen te zien in jullie leven. Geniet van die pareltjes, hoe groot of hoe klein ze ook zijn!

Hartelijk dank om mijn blogs te lezen en klik gerust op de commentaar button om te laten weten wat jij denkt!


Make life simple again!

Not possible?


Says who?

Have you tried already?

What if you could start all over again: what would you want in your life and what would you not allow to come in anymore?

An interesting excercise, no?

And you know:

a lot of what you don’t want, you can actually get rid of!!

Yes, you can!

You feel too busy?

Skip what you don’t enjoy doing!

Delegate as much as possible! Yes, things can get done by other people! ( just give it a try, the world won’t stop spinning)

Skip half of what you do enjoy, because it makes your life feel overwhelming, and then enjoy the other half twice as much!!!

If you have space in your agenda, you will fully and truly enjoy your activities because they won’t feel as ‘squeezed in’ as before. You will have time to enjoy!

You feel you are cleaning all the time, tidying up all the time?

Check your house, your rooms, your garage,.. and donate, sell what you don’t need or don’t like anymore!

Clear the surfaces of all your furniture and just keep one or two things you really, absolutely adore, something that puts a smile on your face!

Create space and you will feel energized and the cleaning will go a lot faster!!! 🙂

Remember the times when you were more relaxed, less troubled.

Remember how you lived then!

Most of us had a lot less responsibilities, less possessions, less money, less…

And yes, I know you can’t go back exactly to how you lived then but just think about it for a moment!

You had a lot less and you were a lot happier!So think hard about why you want to earn so much money!

Is it just to buy more stuff?

Stuff that gives you more work, more worries, more maintenance,…?

Is it to buy a bigger house?

A bigger house for which you have to buy more furniture, is more expensive to maintain, to heat, to insure,…?

I am not saying you can’t buy and enjoy stuff, all I am saying is, think twice: does it really make you happier, when you consider the whole picture/process?

“If it costs you too much ‘life’, it’s too expensive!”

I am all for simplifying, for “less is more”.

Clear your schedule.

Clear your closet.

Clear your house.

And in doing so you will feel the energy flowing again! You will feel your mind clearing too!

Just think about it, find a silent moment and be really honest with yourself: what is costing you too much right now?

Define it and find a solution for it!

Wishing you all: the time to find out what is too much in your life and the courage to simplify your life!!

Thank you all for reading me!!


I am really looking forward to hearing from you! Leave a comment ( just click the comment button below) if you feel like it!

Deepak Chopra says:

“Every grateful moment makes me healthier.”

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

You don’t believe him?

You think it’s all a whole lot of BS?

Even if you don’t believe this yet, give him the benefit of the doubt.

What do yo have to lose?

Nothing, right?

But what do you have to gain?

Think of that!!!

Your health!!

A lot of diseases are caused

by being unhappy,

by living under too much stress,

by feeling angry all the time,

by holding grudges against people,

by thinking about all the things you don’t have,

by focussing on the negative.

What if you would try to focus

on the positiveon forgiving people instead of staying angry all the time

on seeing the good in people instead of focussing on their shortcomings

on enjoying the things that go well in your life

on being grateful for all the problems that you don’t have!

Yes, there are a LOT of problems you don’t have!

We are not hungry,

We do not live in a war zone,

We have a roof over our heads,

We have a bed to sleep in,

We have people who love us, care for us,

We are free to express our thoughts,


But we never consider that for even a minute.

Life can always be worse, remember that!

Maybe one day you will long for the life you are living now!!

Feeling grateful:

makes you feel calm,

makes you feel warm inside,

makes you feel connected,

makes you feel strong,

makes you feel confident.

In a grateful heart, there is no place for hatred, for envy, for jealousy.

And that is why every grateful moment makes you healthier!!

Neativity makes you sick, positivity makes you healthy!

So keep a lock on that barrel of negativity and open up the gates to let out all the joy, warmth, happiness, gratitude, compassion, friendship, love, respect!!

I wish you all those wonderful feelings and I wish you become an ambassador of positivity too, so that more people may discover this source of well being!

Thank you so much for reading me! Feel free to leave a comment on this post or on previous blogs. I am looking forward to reading you!


What’s going on?

What’s wrong with us people?

No one wants to put in the work anymore!

Everybody is full of excuses!

Everybody wants to be healthy,

but no one wants to eat healthy food.

Everybody wants a fit body,

But no one wants to work out.

Everybody wants to earn a lot of money,

But no one wants to work hard for it.

Everybody wants a happy realtionship,

but no one wants to make an effort.

Everybody wants to have kids,

But once they  have them, people claim they take away their freedom.

I can go on and on and on.

Am I boring you? Does this sound like I am nagging?


But honestly:

is there something that you want and you convince yourself

that you don’t have the time for it?

that some one else is holding you back?

That the circumstances aren’t right?

Yep, I thought so!

Stop whining,

Grow a pair!

It is up to YOU and no one else!

If you really want something in life,

Give it all you have!

Go for it with all your power!

Make it work!

And in the end, even if it does not quite work out exactly the way you thought it would:

at least you can say you’ve tried your absolute best!

No more,

I wish I could,

I wish I had,

I wish,…


wish for something,

But then,

work out a plan to get it,

and stick to the plan!

No excuses, you are responsible.

Work hard for it and then:

Enjoy your result!

Obviously, the first thing you have to do before all:

Think long and hard about what you want and why you want it.

Like: you can’t dream of having a family one day and then the next day be dreaming of being a bachelor again! That’s a no brainer!

Decide what your biggest dream is.

Own your dream.

Make it happen.

Only you can do this

Only you can stop yourself!

Wishing you all the courage, the passion, the energy to find what you want most in life and then make it happen!

Thank you for reading me!