Last week we talked about making an inventory of everything you have.

I don’t know how far you got,

But to most of us,

It’s an almost impossible job….

That’s how much stuff we own!!!

And still, most of us are already thinking of buying something new, one of these days…!!!

So, whether you have your list or half a list or none,

It doesn’t matter, you can start minimizing today!

The exercise was to make you realize, the HUGE amount of stuff you own.

Now it’s time to really get started!

Why do I need to minimize, I hear some of you asking?

Well, maybe you don’t realize it right now, but

stuff eats up so much of your energy,

stuff owns you!

First of all, in a full room, the energy cannot flow freely, it gets blocked by all the things standing, hanging there and that’s an unhealthy place to live in.

Secondly, stuff weighs you down; we feel tired all the time and we can’t figure out why…

Just do the test:

Open a very full closet and look at it:

you feel immediately demoralized, tired and you just want to close it as quickly as possible.


you can hardly find what you are looking for


you don’t even know all the things that are hidden in it…

and you end up buying stuff that is somewhere to be found in your house.

Now open a well-organized closet:

a closet where there is still empty space visible.

You will feel happy, energetic


you know what is in the closet because you can actually SEE everything!

Hence you find what you are looking for.

Only happy and positive feelings!

Now you know why.

(in a nutshell of course, I am writing a whole book about how to declutter your life, I hope it will get published by the end of the year)

Here is how you can start minimizing your stuff.

(don’t just organize your clutter, get rid of it!)

You can go room by room, or closet by closet.

That is up to you.

Make 3 piles of everything that is in the space you are decluttering,


Nothing may be left in a drawer or on a shelve.

Pile 1: trash, you throw it out, it is not useful to anyone anymore.

Pile 2: transfer: you don’t use/wear it anymore, you have more than one of it, ….

You give it to charity, to whoever will actually use it!

Don’t keep it for “maybe one day, I’ll use it again”.

No, “maybe someday “becomes never!

Pile 3: here are only the things you really use, really wear, the things you absolutely adore and make you happy, so in other words, your treasures.

Get the stuff of pile 1 and 2 out of your house within the week!!!!

Or you will start organizing your clutter in just another space in your house!

Out with it!

That is what gives you your space and energy back!

Pile 3 is what you keep and as so much stuff is gone now; you have the space to organize it in a way

you actually see what you have,

you can actually enjoy looking and using what you have/like.

It’s scary in the beginning, I know, but once you’ve started, you’re going to be hooked!!! I promise!

The joy afterwards is so rewarding, you’ll keep on downsizing your stuff!

The funny thing is, when you only have what you need and actually use,

you always find what you need and so it feels as if you have more!

You know what you have,

You like what you have (so you have always ‘something-to-wear’!:-)),

What you have, actually fits you and your current lifestyle.

Only winners and winning feelings!

Take a good look at your list and discover what part of your house is in greatest need of a thorough decluttering day.

Work your way through it, piece by piece, room by room and before you know it,

Your house will feel light, organized,

And you will feel happy, rich, content and full of energy!

That feeling will keep you on track.

Whenever you consider buying yet another thing:

Stop yourself, think about it for a few moments, ask yourself this:

Do I need it? Yes or No.

Yes. (when ‘no’ it’s easy not to buy it)

Do I already have it or something similar? Yes or No.


Will it make me happy? Yes or No.


How long will it keep me happy? Just on this one occasion or for a very long period of time?


You get my drift.

Be very conscious before you buy.

Wait a week, a couple of weeks even, before buying it and most of the time your “need” goes away!

Even when you do actually need something:

consider renting it, or buying second hand, or lending or borrowing it from somebody.

If we all share what we have, not everyone has to own all that stuff.

Together we can make our planet:

a healthier place by not ‘over-consuming’ as much,

a lovelier place by not granting ‘stuff” such an important role.

I wish you all a very interesting journey through your stuff!

Don’t hold on for sentimental reasons, it’s only stuff,

only keep what you actually enjoy!

You don’t need stuff to keep your memories alive.

Clean out your clutter and breathe in the lightness!

Feel free to contact me when you are stuck, when you think the job is too overwhelming. I am happy to provide guidance (in English, Dutch or French) on your journey to an organized, clean, happy house, hence life!

Good luck!!


Always buying more,

never having enough.

Always gathering more stuff,

never satisfied.

But does this really make us happy? Content even?

No, not at all.

Will Rogers said:

“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned,

To buy things they don’t want,

To impress people they don’t even like.”

Waw, that makes you halt for a minute, doesn’t it?

Do you have the courage to look deep into your heart,

to be completely honest with yourself?

Don’t we all buy stuff because:

it looks good to have it,

other people have it,

we think we need it

marketeers say: “we will be so much happier with that specific item in our lives”; “our life will be so much easier when having that item at our disposal.”

And at the end of the day, we realize that:

Our house is fuller

Our wallet is emptier

We feel overwhelmed by stuff

We have less energy and we don’t know why

Our heart is not more fulfilled

Our ego is not quieter

In fact, it is already saying we need the next new thing.

How can we stop this inflow of stuff that does not even make us happier?

Start with:

Becoming quiet,

taking your time to be very honest with yourself

and making an inventory of:

What you have right now

What you actually need right now (and I mean really need)

How your present life looks like.

Then prepare to get rid of everything:

you don’t need,

that is broken or is not complete anymore

of which you have doubles or triples of,

that does not fit into your present life anymore.

Make room, clear the clutter, clear the excess.

Know why YOU want certain things.

Make sure it is contributing to your well-being and not to your ego.

Stop buying to impress people!

It’s not only costing you money and energy,

It never works anyway!

When is enough, enough?

When is more, more enough?

When does more stuff make you impressive enough?

Important enough?


Focus on being more






Helping.That is:

How you will become more beautiful,

How people will like you more,

How people will be impressed by you,

why people will admire and appreciate you.

Becoming the above is the only way to make your life, a life worth living.

Stop focusing on stuff, and start focusing on being kind.

That is what I wish for you all this week!

Clear a slot in your agenda to sit down and to make an inventory of your ‘material life’.

Take your time,

be thorough,

be honest (don’t let your ego do the talking!!).

you need far less than you ever could have imagined!

Once you’ve cleared your ‘clutter’, your excess,

once you have a very clear vision of what makes you happy and what not,

Once you start living with only the things YOU like and need,

you will be overwhelmed (in a good way!) by the huge wave of

feeling free,

feeling relaxed,

feeling light,

feeling unchained,

that will come crushing over you!

So, for now:

Block your agenda,

Take pen and paper

And start inventorying!

Next week, we will deal with your list (or half your novel…)

Good luck and lots of courage!!


Rush, rush, rush,

We all ‘fly’ through life!

But do we actually ‘live’ life?

Take your time to enjoy everything you do!

Yes, everything!

I know, there are things we ‘d rather not do, but we have to do them anyway.

This is also an invitation to take a close look at all the things you do.

Be very aware of what is absolutely necessary and what is not.

If something is not necessary and you don’t like doing it, then stop doing it!


Yes, you can stop this because it is not necessary!

And for the things that are necessary, well

You then either, be grumpy and you are doing those things whilst complaining and whining and feeling unhappy all the time,

or you do them and say, well as I have to do them anyway, I can at least make the best of it and be happy I am alive and healthy enough to be able to do them.

You always have a choice!


I came across a beautiful poem about ‘time’ the other day and I would like to share it with you.

Take time to work,

as it is the price for success.

Take time to think,

As it is the source of true power.

Take time to play,

As it is the secret of youth.

Take time to read,

As it is the foundation of knowledge.

Take time to be friendly,

As it is the door to being happy.

Take time to love,

As it is the true joy of life.

Take time to be cheerful,

As it is music to your soul.

Let’s all take time!

Time to breathe,

Time to listen,

Time to observe,

Time to enjoy,

Time to rest,

Time to….


I wish you all a very ‘time-full’ week (as in ‘with plenty of time’)!

Make time to enjoy your life and your loved ones!

You choose!

Choose wisely!

By for now, see you next week for my next blog!

Thank you all for reading me.



Did you set any intentions at the beginning of this new year?


And how do you feel about them after one month?

Are they still standing?

Do you still believe in them?

Do you still believe you can reach them?



Keep going in the direction of your intentions!


Why not?

What changed?

Don’t you believe in them anymore?

Why not?

Don’t you believe you can reach them?

Why not?

What made you change your mind?

Did you fall back into old habits?

Everyone knows that:

To accomplish something new, something different in your life,

you have to do something different.

Because when you keep doing the same things over and over again, you will reach the same result over and over again! That’s a given!

So in order to obtain a new result,

you will have to change your life, change your behavior.

Yes, “but how?”  you’ re asking me now.


First of all:

Take a good look at your intention:

is this what you really want in your life?

No, well then you need to adjust your intentions so that you have a very clear view of what it is that you do want in life.

Yes, OK! Great!

Create a very clear vision of how your life will look like once you’ve made those intentions a reality.

Visualize this “new life” in detail, over and over again so that you fall in love with the new you, with your new life.

Once you really love who you will become and how your new life will look like, you will do everything it takes to create this new life in the real world.

Make a plan, make a ‘how-to-get-there’ in detail so that you know exactly what to do. Believe you will reach it.

If you have a clear vision of how to go step by step, it will make it easier for you to keep following that path.

Keep your vision clear, keep visualizing what it is you want.

Then you will always know what to do when you are about to fall back into old habits.

Baby steps make it easier to keep going,

even when you feel like giving up or giving in into the old ways.

Make sure you know what you want and WHY!

Believe you will get there!

Your ‘why’ must be very strong and it must be YOUR why.

Doing something just:

To please someone

To get accepted in a certain company

Because it ‘looks good’ (to whom???)

Because other people are doing so


Will never last!

You have to know why you want to do this, why you want to live this certain way.

Otherwise it will never last!

Otherwise you will fall back into your “old ways” at the first obstacle you will encounter!

So keep your WHY alive and kicking!

Here is your action plan to get where you want to get:

Set a very clear intention.

Know why you set this.

Change your thoughts into thoughts that reflect your new beliefs

Keep repeating those thoughts until they are your new “standard” thoughts.

Enjoy the feelings that come along with those great new beliefs.

Start doing only the things that lead you along the path to your new life, stop doing things that will derail you from it.

Keep doing what keeps you on track until that becomes your new and automatic modus operandi!

That’s how you will get to live the life of your intentions!I wish you all a very clear vision, a huge stamina, and the discipline to go step by step every single day

until you’ve reached your goal, your ‘new life’,

until your intention has become a reality!

Then enjoy it and be proud of yourself!





What is beauty?

What do we call beautiful?

I was listening to Anita Moorjani the other day and she had an interesting observation about beauty:

“Beauty is what remains beautiful when eyesight is taken out of the equation”

I thought about it for a while and that rang true to me.

It’s not that art and beautiful things do not exist and that we cannot enjoy art, no absolutely not.

But what if no one, in the whole world, could see,

what we then would consider as beautiful, is true beauty.

Beauty is what we feel, not what we see.

Seeing beauty is very quickly about shallow, trivial beauty.

But what we feel as beautiful, remains beautiful, is true beauty.

What does beauty feel like?

For me that is:

Feeling the love of somebody,

Feeling the warmth of true friendship,

Feeling the compassion for other living beings and helping them, being there for them, caring for them.

Feeling the connection with the universe,

Feeling the blissful quiet of silence,

Feeling the pureness of nature:

breathing in the fresh air, feeling the warmth of the sun on your face, feeling the refreshing water of the ocean, …

Feeling the balm of meditation,

The list is endless, you can all find a whole bunch of things that make you feel beauty. You know: that warm feeling inside, that feeling of “everything is good”, that feeling of connectedness, of “knowing” everything will be all right, that feeling of your heart opening up and expanding, that feeling of positives vibes, of pure energy flowing through you.

I would like to suggest that everyone makes their own list this week.

A list of things that expand your energy, of things that give you that feeling of ‘beauty’.

By doing so, you will already feel, experience that there is a lot of beauty in your life!

And in realizing how blessed you are, you will start feeling grateful for all those beautiful experiences, all those beautiful people, …. in your life.

This feeling of gratefulness will make you happy, thankful, joyful = feeling beauty.

This will shift your perception on beauty.

All the material beauty, all the physical beauty will become a lot less important.

And that will set you free!

Isn’t that what we all long for, to feel free, to feel that we are enough, that we are OK?

Feeling true beauty sets you free!

So grab that pen and paper and start making your list of all the beauty in your life!

You’ll be amazed with what you will find!

I wish you all a very ‘beautiful’ week and enjoy the energy that will start flowing through your body thanks to those wonderful experiences.


I heard the following quote of Dr. Wayne Dyer in a video the other day:

“Be a host to God or

be a hostage to your ego”

I always say love instead of God but that is just semantics, because God is Love.

It’s just what you prefer.

“Be a host to love or be a hostage to your ego”

Waw! Isn’t that beautiful:

To be a host to love,

To let love live inside you,

To be love,

To make your life, a life filled with love.

I recommend it -from the bottom of my heart- to you all, try it, give it a go, and then see what happens…

I know it is not easy, because we are so used to living

from the ego,

from old beliefs,

from a default mode which is not love.

If we look closely at how we react to life, it is safe to say that our ego’s rule the world….

We get upset because:

Somebody reacted in a way we did not appreciate… how dare they…???

Uhh, we do not control other people’s reactions so, why let it rule our peace of mind?

We get upset because:

We didn’t get what we expected…

Who is responsible for your expectations…?? Yes, the one and only: YOU.

We get upset because:

people don’t feel how we want them to feel…

Well, I don’t know about you but I can’t change somebody’s feelings… I can be nice to someone but I can never guarantee their reaction, that’s their responsibility.

We get upset by so many things that are out of our control and basically it is plain stupid to let that rule our peace of mind.

But here we are, living from our ego:

Our ego that “says” what we are entitled to, what is right and wrong, how people should behave, ….

All of our ‘beliefs’ that are put there by education, experiences, society, …

But are they true?

Do they make us happy?


We are upset all the time!!

Somebody “stole” my parking place

Somebody “stole” my job

Somebody was mean to me

Somebody is more beautiful than me, is richer than me, is healthier than me, …

And so on and so forth, the ego goes on and on, ….

We really are a hostage to our ego!!

STOP this ego driven life!!

Be a host to love!!!!!!!!!

It’s not easy because we are not used to it, we are programmed to react from the ego.

But try it, little step by little step.

Make every day the decision to live from love,

to be a host to love!

Let’s try the following things:

Every time you hear people talking ill of others,

disengage, walk away.

Every time you think ill of somebody,

change that thought into a loving thought (nobody is 100% “bad”, you can always -yes always- find something positive about them)

And that includes you too!

Every time you are thinking ill of yourself,

change it and send a positive thought through your mind.

Every time you start blaming, complaining,

stop yourself and think, what can I do about this to change it.

If it’s in your power, do it, otherwise stop complaining as you can’t do anything about it anyway.

Remove anger because anger is the absence of love (= quote of Dr Wayne Dyer)

Practice compassion!

The Dalai Lama says:

“If every 8 year old, all over the world, would meditate on compassion for 1 hour/week, we would eradicate all hate and acts of violence over one generation’s time.

I’d say: it’s worth the try, no?

Start practicing compassion! You never know somebody’s story, so be nice to people, to animals, to all.

Become humble, it’s really not about us, individuals.

As I said in last week’s blog: we are just a blip in the whole universe, we are all connected, there are no individuals, we are all part of the ONEness.

When love lives inside you, you feel grateful, you don’t need more because you appreciate what you have, you are content.

Being a host to love, is being generous, sharing.

We have more than enough.

I’ve already said it many times in previous blogs: take a good look around your house and you’ll see tons of stuff you can give away. Share!

You’ll feel so much better, lighter, brighter.

You will become a being of light!

And light makes darkness go away…

I know it is not easy in the beginning but:

baby steps,

it’s really all about making a decision and then go in that direction, every single day!

You’ll trip, you’ll fall into the ego trap again. For sure!

Everybody still does from time to time.

But remember your decision and stop yourself, think about being a host to love and go from there.

Nobody is perfect!

The more you practice, the less frequent you will fall down again!

And the shorter you will “stay down” in your ego reality.

You will recognize your behavior and as you made a decision to live from love, you will be able to quickly shift again to your higher self, to being a host to love again.

I believe in love being the ultimate goal of life!

I wish you all a wonderful, loving, heartwarming week!!

Let’s be all a HOST TO LOVE!!!



We are human beings.

We all live here on planet earth.

We exist.

What does this mean?

Are we superior to animals? Plants? Oceans? Trees? …



Why do we often think we are?

Because we are supposed to be “thinking creatures”?

Because we know how to use machines?

Because we gather stuff, money?

Because ….


And yes -luckily- we use our brains (sometimes not enough or not for the right purpose but that is another topic).

But where does that put us in the hierarchy of nature?

We spend a certain amount of time here on earth but our ‘life’, our physical body is just a blip in the universe, in time, in space.

When we see the complete picture, our time here on planet earth is just a hick-up in the whole universe.

Then why do we still feel so superior?

Why do we spend -during our little time here on earth- so much time gathering stuff, titles, money, …?

Seems a bit hilarious, no?

We pass for a universal split second on earth and all we do is look at our belly button and think everything is about us.

When we start seeing the planet as a place where everything and everyone is connected, we feel a shift in our consciousness, we start feeling more responsible for it.

We are all made of the same molecules,

almost every living creature needs oxygen, water, needs to feed itself.

Animals reproduce, build ‘houses’, have a family, …too.

There is a system in nature for everything: climate, seasons, currents, interaction between different creatures, …

And still, we believe: we, humans, have all the rights on everything on this planet….

Let’s just all think about nature, life, in its largest meaning, for a moment:

Everything here on earth, is here for a reason, has its own purpose.

Without bees, no pollination (so less fruit, less vegetables, less …anything that lives thanks to the pollination)

Without clean water, no life

Without trees, not enough oxygen

Without fields, no crops

Without animals, no balance in nature

Without the sun, no life possible

It’s not because we don’t see or know what the purpose of something is, that there isn’t any.

Actually, we could ask ourselves, what is our purpose, as humans, here?

There was life before us, the planet already existed, it’s not that it needed us, humans, to get created.

Actually, a lot of us do a great job trying to destroy it.

Luckily not all of us!

We are part of this extraordinary nature,

we need nature to be able to exist!

Plain and simple!

We are ALL interconnected.

So, I would like you all to be grateful for mother earth, grateful that we get to live here, on this beautiful globe!

Let’s all be conscious about what we do, how we live our life here.

Respect nature,

Protect nature,

Help nature restore itself by:

not polluting so much,

thinking before we buy, consume,

recycling what we do not use,

eating less meat

eating organic food

using water resources responsibly

not destroying habitats for animals

We are all one, let’s make this a planet where our children, grandchildren, …. can enjoy all the beauty nature has to offer us!

Start seeing “us” as one and you’ll feel yourself thinking differently!

You’ll start living differently.

You’ll feel less alone knowing that we are all here for a reason, that we all get to play our little, yet important, role in taking care of all living creatures, of everything there is on our planet.

I wish you all a very connected, ‘green’, ‘caring’ week!!

Thank you all for reading me!


New Year means wishing, and these are my wishes for YOU:






a good health,


And I really do wish those things for you because I believe those are the main ingredients of happiness!

As the New Year has just begun, a lot of us made promises to ourselves, to others.

We are full of good intentions!

Research showed that halfway January most of those promises are already down the drain…

Why is that?

Did we not make that promise ourselves?

Were we not convinced that, this is what we really want?

Then why are we already slipping?

Ask yourself:

Did you make room in your life for this change?

What room? Why?

Think about it.

Did you create the possibility to actually start living that change?

If you want to get your body in shape?

Do you still lie on the couch every night? Watching TV for hours?

Or did you put an alert in your agenda to go running a couple of times a week, or whatever sport you prefer, and actually go, no excuses.

If you want to lose weight?

Are your cupboards still filled with junk? Why? Are you still planning on eating that stuff? Why? Don’t you want to lose weight?

If you want to get more sleep?

Are you still scrolling through your phone for hours every night?

Why? Do you actually think there will miraculously, be more hours before your alarm clock goes off tomorrow morning?

If you want that career change?

Are you applying for that job you are interested in? Or are you just waiting for someone to knock on your door and ask you to make a change?

If you want to be more relaxed, in peace?

Do you start meditating? Do you start yoga classes? Do you stop to breathe intentionally a couple of times a day?



I think you get my drift.

If you want to change something and I mean really change something: something else has to go.

Yes! Absolutely! No doubt about it!

And that’s scary! I know!

That’s why you have to want it bad enough. Because you will have to leave your comfort zone.

Letting go of old habits is hard, I know. But when they don’t serve you anymore, it is the only thing you can do if you want a different life.

Everybody has the exact same 24 hours every day and as you can’t create more hours in a day, you have to use those hours wisely and only in order to achieve your plan!

Make your plan, write it down in detail.

Create the possibility in your agenda to actually do the things you want to do, block it, protect it with your life!

Only then you’ll be able to make real change!

The main question is:

“How badly do you want what you want?”

If you really want something and I mean really want it, you will make it work, you will create space, create opportunities, block time slots in your agenda, put in the work to get there.

It is all up to you, and only you.

What are your wishes?

Do you REALLY want that change in your life?

If it’s a Hell Yeah! Then you’ll get there!

If it’s a maybe, if so and so… forget it!

Reflect on your wishes for a while, take a notebook and write them down.

Think about why you want them, what your life will look like once you’ve realized your dreams.

Once you’ve fallen in love with that new life, you’ll do everything to make that change!

Put in the work! And keep putting in the work until your new life is a fact!

You’ll be so proud of yourself!!!!Make 2020 the year YOU will get things DONE!

Wishing you all a very inspiring, goal oriented, persevering year where you are in the driver seat and where you WILL meet your goals!

I believe in you!!

Now, you have to believe in yourself too and put in the work!!!

Yes, you can!!!!

I would also like to thank you all for reading my blogs!

I really appreciate the interest you’re showing in my writing!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!




Expectations, …

As the old year nears its end

and the new one is just around the corner,

We tend to reflect upon our lives: we replay:

what we did,

what we still want to do,

what we regret,

what we are proud of, …

While wishing each other all the best for the New Year, people often ask:

“what would you like to happen this year?”

Think about this question for a while…

And I mean really think what this means for you.

What are YOUR goals, YOUR dreams, YOUR expectations for this new year?

When formulating what those are, take a very close look at them first:

Are they really YOUR dreams?

Are they really YOUR goals?

Or do you do,

what other people expect from you?

what society thinks is great, cool, wonderful?

Is it something you will be proud of or do you just want others to be proud of you?

If it’s not something you feel in your heart,

Well, okay, MAYBE you will please others but you won’t make yourself happy!

If you don’t live what you feel in your heart, you’ll never be happy, nor satisfied because you won’t FEEL it.

Therefore, search your heart for what it is that GIVES you energy and follow that dream!

The funny thing is, even when you are scared people won’t love you for it,

Once they see how happy it makes you, and how you radiate pure joy,

You’ll “contaminate” them with those great vibrations and guess what:

they’ll love you for it!!!!

So, stop being afraid to follow your path,

Stop pleasing others when it drains your energy!

Take a good and long look in the mirror and say:

“this is me, this is who I am and that is what I want to do”

Make sure your new year’s intentions are YOURS!

Make sure you’ll do what invigorates you!

Listen to your heart and start being YOU, really YOU!

That is what I wish you all for this new year!

Let’s meet your real goals, your real expectations.

Thank you all for reading me!



The future,

When we think about the future, we automatically think about our children, don’t we?


Yes, THEY are the future.

But how can WE help to make a better future?

Where do we come in?

We can create a better future:

by being the example of

how we want our kids to be,

how we want the future to look like.

Yes, we have an impact,

Yes, we have a responsibility, absolutely!

We often hear:

yeah, but that does not really matter, that does not make any difference, that won’t hurt…

Well it does,

No matter what we do, big or small, everything has an impact on ourselves, on the people around us, on the world.,

We are all connected!

And as we are pure energy:

everything we do, sends a certain vibration into the world.


So we better make sure those are good vibrations!

Be pure,

Be honest,

Be a good person,

Be compassionate,

Be loving.

You’ll notice that by being a true, kind person,

you’ll attract good vibrations,

you’ll feel better,

you’ll be a lot happier, healthier.

By being kind, you invite others to be kind too.

And yes, you’ll always meet the grumpy, bad tempered one too.

But by being kind to them, they’ll soften, they’ll lighten up (a bit).

And for the occasional one that stays bitter and angry,

be extra kind to them, know that they are suffering inside, that they are not happy.

I guarantee you that, by sending out positive, kind vibrations, your world will look a lot brighter and you’ll feel a lot lighter.

So, don’t wait!

It’s the perfect time of the year to start kindness!

Smile, wish everyone you meet a nice day and really mean it!

By setting your positive and warm intentions, you’ll see that every gathering, every moment, will feel different, will feel better, even if it’s with the same people you always meet.

Change your intention, change your vibration and feel the world around you, changing too!

Be that example for your children, for the world

and that’s the first step to a brighter future for everyone!Play your part in the big scene of life!

Let’s make it a great movie for everyone!

Thank you all for reading me!

I wish you all a very, very, warm, bright, loving Christmas

and a joyful New Year!

As John Lennon said: “Let’s make it a good one, without any fear!”