Where does our happiness come from?

What ‘makes’ us happy?

How can we trigger this feeling of happiness?

You often hear people say:

‘when I get this promotion, I’ll be happy’

‘when my kids stop acting out, I’ll be happy’

‘if only that person could behave differently, I would be happy’

‘when I’ve saved that amount of money, I’ll be happy’

‘if only, then…’

The list is endless.

Do you recognize this?

As long as you wait for outer things to happen, to change… in order to be happy,

you’ll never be happy.

The moment you take charge of your own feelings:

is the moment where you decide you are enough, you have enough.

That is the moment you choose to be happy.

Happiness comes from within yourself.

The outer world will always be there,

Things will always happen,

We can’t control the circumstances.

All we can do is:

develop that inner power,

discover your inner source,

look at who you are, what your values are, what is important to you.

And then start living accordingly.

Once you have a clear image of what kind of person you really want to be, of what your true nature is:

then it becomes easier to live from your inner source, your inner power, your inner self.

Once you see that clear image, you realize it is okay, it is possible to be that person, you can be you, you are allowed to be you.

Then every choice, every decision you have to make, becomes easier too:

You can stop trying to live up to other people’s expectations, because you’ll never please everyone anyway.

You can stop overcharging your schedule with things you do, just because you think you should do them, again, you’ll never please everyone.

You can stop pretending you are someone else; if it’s not your true nature, you’ll never belong anyway.

You can stop acting,

you can finally just be YOU.

You’ll be surprised by how you are truly loved, truly appreciated now.

You realize it is okay to take some time for silence, for reading, for whatever YOU need to do for your own inner peace and happiness.

Is this selfish?

No, it’s self care.

You start living according to your values and you’ll be happier, stronger, more confident, more relaxed and you’ll become the best version of yourself, hence you’ll be at your best for everyone around you!

You take charge of your inner strength and you’ll be the best parent, the best friend, the best partner, the best employee, ….

Because you are content,

Because you hold the key to your own feelings,

Because you don’t let outer circumstances define how you feel,

Because you know you can change the way you feel by tapping in to your inner source of contentment, of happiness, of feeling enough.

That is where your happiness comes from

That’s what makes us happy

That’s where we find the triggers, the food we need for our heart.

This is my wish for you:

Find your silence,

Put your hand on your heart,

Discover who you really are,

Start living as the person you ARE.

You are unique,

You are enough.

And the right people, the people who really matter, will love you for it!