We never seem to have enough of it,

We would like to have more time,

We often say: Time flies…

What if this ‘new given’ time nowadays, is meant to have us, re-think our use of time?

What if we start reflecting on:

What do we want to spend time on?

What is really important?

What is a waste of time?

What is the best way possible to spend my time here on earth?

Who am I?

I believe this is an opportunity to reconsider how we live our lives.

Maybe it’s an invitation to start:

enjoying life more,

being more grateful for what we have,

looking at things from a positive point of view…

Instead of feeling stuck at home:

Enjoy not being in traffic.

Instead of feeling too crowded with everyone at home,

Enjoy each other’s company.Instead of nagging about certain foods we can’t find in the store,

Invent new recipes, be creative.

Instead of complaining about not seeing people,

Come back to yourself, spend time re-discovering who you really are and what YOU really want, stop living on auto pilot as in ‘how other people, society, expect you to live’.

As spring has arrived:

(and wow, is the sun shining or what? I think nature is very happy with all that clean air!)

We can start our ‘spring cleaning’!

And I don’t mean just the cleaning part of it,


I mean, really go through your stuff:

Empty your closets,

Clean out your rooms.

Look at what is ‘hidden’

in your attic,

In your basement,

In your garden shed.

I guarantee you will feel like being on a treasure hunt!

Go through your stuff and consider what you really need and what not.

Make 3 categories:

Garbage: out it goes. Yes, no use in letting it gather dust for many years to come.

Keep: organize the stuff you are keeping in a logical way so that you’ll actually find it when you need it.

Donate: as we can’t go and donate it right this minute, allot a place in your house and put all -still usable- stuff you are going to donate in that designated spot.

Once we get the all clear, go and donate that stuff.

You’ll be amazed byhow light you will feel,

how energized you will feel,

how full of plans and creativity you will be!

It feels so good to have less stuff lying around and to donate it to people who are actually going to use it.

Really, just try it and feel the difference, feel the lightness, feel the air filling your lungs, feel the weight being lifted from your shoulders.

It’s amazing what a good ‘clean out’ can achieve.

For now,

I would like to ask everyone:

make the best of the situation at hand:

we can’t change the fact that we need to stay in our homes,

So, all we can do:

Make good use of this time.

Take good care of ourselves and our familyEat healthy foods,

Drink lots of water,


This will make your body stronger.

Have a good talk with your kids, your partner,

Be there for each other and enjoy being together!

When things get tough, or when you get fed up with them,

Just imagine how lucky you are to have them with you!

People who have lost a loved one, would give the world to have them nearby.

Call, mail, Skype with family, friends,

That will make your ‘heart’ stronger.

Make the best of what you can do with your time at home,

Clearing out stuff, making space, will make your energy start flowing again, will bring you back to who you really are, to what really matters!

And this makes your mind stronger.

“Make lemonade of the lemons we’re given right now”

I wish you all a strong, healthy, responsible, ‘new-ways-of-spending-your-time’, warm and very kind week!

Thank you all for reading me!