We are human beings.

We all live here on planet earth.

We exist.

What does this mean?

Are we superior to animals? Plants? Oceans? Trees? …



Why do we often think we are?

Because we are supposed to be “thinking creatures”?

Because we know how to use machines?

Because we gather stuff, money?

Because ….


And yes -luckily- we use our brains (sometimes not enough or not for the right purpose but that is another topic).

But where does that put us in the hierarchy of nature?

We spend a certain amount of time here on earth but our ‘life’, our physical body is just a blip in the universe, in time, in space.

When we see the complete picture, our time here on planet earth is just a hick-up in the whole universe.

Then why do we still feel so superior?

Why do we spend -during our little time here on earth- so much time gathering stuff, titles, money, …?

Seems a bit hilarious, no?

We pass for a universal split second on earth and all we do is look at our belly button and think everything is about us.

When we start seeing the planet as a place where everything and everyone is connected, we feel a shift in our consciousness, we start feeling more responsible for it.

We are all made of the same molecules,

almost every living creature needs oxygen, water, needs to feed itself.

Animals reproduce, build ‘houses’, have a family, …too.

There is a system in nature for everything: climate, seasons, currents, interaction between different creatures, …

And still, we believe: we, humans, have all the rights on everything on this planet….

Let’s just all think about nature, life, in its largest meaning, for a moment:

Everything here on earth, is here for a reason, has its own purpose.

Without bees, no pollination (so less fruit, less vegetables, less …anything that lives thanks to the pollination)

Without clean water, no life

Without trees, not enough oxygen

Without fields, no crops

Without animals, no balance in nature

Without the sun, no life possible

It’s not because we don’t see or know what the purpose of something is, that there isn’t any.

Actually, we could ask ourselves, what is our purpose, as humans, here?

There was life before us, the planet already existed, it’s not that it needed us, humans, to get created.

Actually, a lot of us do a great job trying to destroy it.

Luckily not all of us!

We are part of this extraordinary nature,

we need nature to be able to exist!

Plain and simple!

We are ALL interconnected.

So, I would like you all to be grateful for mother earth, grateful that we get to live here, on this beautiful globe!

Let’s all be conscious about what we do, how we live our life here.

Respect nature,

Protect nature,

Help nature restore itself by:

not polluting so much,

thinking before we buy, consume,

recycling what we do not use,

eating less meat

eating organic food

using water resources responsibly

not destroying habitats for animals

We are all one, let’s make this a planet where our children, grandchildren, …. can enjoy all the beauty nature has to offer us!

Start seeing “us” as one and you’ll feel yourself thinking differently!

You’ll start living differently.

You’ll feel less alone knowing that we are all here for a reason, that we all get to play our little, yet important, role in taking care of all living creatures, of everything there is on our planet.

I wish you all a very connected, ‘green’, ‘caring’ week!!

Thank you all for reading me!