Why do we often feel so miserable?

Why do we let other people’s opinions rule our life? Our feelings?

What is it, that makes us long for appreciation?

What is it, that makes us crave for recognition?

As long as we need outer affirmation, we’ll never have the power over our own feelings!

That’s why we have to stop giving our power away!

I know it’s so easy to get swept away by need for approval,

but stop for a moment and consider what you are doing!

Does it make you happy or does it make you needy?

Do you feel as if you’re always running behind,

As if you always need to prove yourself, yet once again?

As long as you hope and wait for other people’s praise, applause, compliments, … you’ll feel like a donkey running after a carrot that is dangling in front of him but a carrot that he’ll never reach!

Find you inner power!


Define for yourself by contemplating on:

who you are,

what you want to be,

how you want to live your life (if this is difficult: just imagine what you want your loved ones to remember you by),

what you want your contribution to the world to be, (big or small doesn’t matter! Being a good person is already a great contribution!)

Once you’ve got that vision clear,

Make sure you start living according to that purpose, YOUR purpose!!

Then what you think, what you feel and what you do, will be aligned!

This alignment gives you your inner power!

Make this stronger every day by consciously living your purpose!

You will feel stronger, happier, less needy for outer approval …

Because you will know you are living how you want to live your life,

Nobody will make you feeling unsure, feeling unworthy, feeling unhappy anymore, because you’ve stopped giving your power away!!

If you really think about it: it is quite absurd how we let people dictate what we should and what we shouldn’t do in life!

And yet we’ve all fallen into that trap somewhere during our life:

We felt good when praised and we looked for more. Then we realized we never got praised by everyone because apparently not everyone was expecting the same thing from us, and then we got confused and we even tried harder!! How was it possible that we could never live up to everyone’s expectations?????

Very simple, everyone sees life differently and you, and only you, know what YOU want out of YOUR life!

It is simple but not easy because we’re all so hooked on outer applause!

I ask you now:

define yourself, define your purpose in life and LIVE that life!

That’s where you’ll find your inner power!

You will feel strong, happy because you are aligned: thoughts, emotions and actions are in line.

The more you live according to what your heart makes you do:

The stronger you will become,

The more aligned you will live,

The less needy-of-attention you will feel,

The less ‘people-who-find-you-weird’ you will allow in your life,

The more like-minded people you will meet.

So, for this week:

make a clear vision board (on your wall or in your mind)

of your life,

of the person you are, deep down,

And take each day one (or more) step(s) towards that person you see on that board!

Your heart will tell you if you’re moving in the right direction!

Be quiet enough to hear the messages from your soul!

Become strong and enjoy who you are!

You are enough! You are okay!

Thank you all for reading me and I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

What resonated the most with you?