Do less!

I know, this sounds weird, all of our lives we hear:

do more …

be more …

want more …

earn more …

have more …

And, how did that make you feel so far?




Never enough?


I think it’s time to start:

Wanting less,

Doing less,

Having less,

Does that mean we have to become lazy, that we can’t have any ambitions anymore?

No absolutely not!

What I mean is,

Think before you:

accept the next offer,

buy the next thing,

enroll in the next course,

engage in the next project …

Be aware of your “busyness”.

Consider very carefully before you say ‘yes’ to the next thing that comes along:

What makes me happy,

What makes me a better person: to myself and to my loved ones,

Why do I say yes?

Because I am afraid people might hate me if I say no?

Because of FOMO (fear of missing out)?

Because I am so used to saying ‘yes’ I forgot I can say ‘no’ too?

Listen to what your heart is telling you,

Become quiet, put your hands on your heart and listen….

Here you will hear who you are, what makes you happy, what really matters, what you really want …

If people hate you for being you,

don’t change yourself, change the company you’re in.

If you live your life hoping others will love you, but, you’re not doing what makes you happy, you’ll never be happy!

And that will never be true love either!

Be who you are and you’ll attract people who love you for who you really are.

So stop doing and buying and having all kinds of things,

just to try to belong,

just to try to be cool, (what does “being cool” mean anyway…???)

just to be a person you are not, but one you think others want you to be,

just to try to impress other people, …

Impress yourself!

By being you,

By believing you are enough,

By knowing you have enough,

By living consciously,

By becoming quiet and really hearing and seeing what is going on around you!

Stop rushing,

Stop doing more,

Yes, you can,

Yes, you are allowed,

Yes, people will still love you!

In fact, they will love you even more because by doing less, by being who you really and truly are, you give them the permission to also be themselves, to also do less, to also have less, to also want less, …

And by doing less, you’ll actually have more time to really be with your loved ones, to choose who you really want to spend time with.

So for this week,


Un-busy yourself,

And enjoy the peace that will come over you!

Have a very calm, quiet, and energizing week!

Thank you all for reading me and I’d love to hear from you too!

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