Life is change and change is life.

The moment we understand and accept this, life will suddenly feel a lot easier, a lot lighter.

Nothing stays the same,

Nothing lasts forever.

We, as human bodies, change,

We, as thinking minds, change,

We, by experiencing life, change.

Holding on, or better: trying to hold on, is what causes pain and disappointment.

Acceptance on the other hand, makes us happier, more satisfied, makes us calmer.

Instead of fighting against change, embrace it!

Yes, we grow older, but look at all the knowledge, experience, wisdom we’ve gathered.

Yes, our kids become adults and leave home, but look at the beautiful people they’ve become, look at all the opportunities that lie ahead of them, look at all the joy they bring.

Yes, we have to say goodbye to people, but remember the good stuff, the good times you had together.

Yes, we can’t do all the stuff we used to do, but that makes us curious to discover new things, to walk new paths!

Everything is perception!

Change is necessary or everything stagnates and would deteriorate in the end.

Every year nature lets go of its leaves, its flowers, its fruits, to grow new ones the next year.

So must we.

We must let go of the stuff that is not helping us anymore, of stuff that we can not hold on to anymore, stuff that is not there anymore.

We must constantly renew ourselves, as does our cells in our body:

Renew our thoughts,

Renew our knowledge,

Broaden our horizon.

As long as we keep an open mind to everything in life,

We stay young,

We keep learning,

We keep discovering.

As we can’t stop change and evolution, the best thing to do is embrace it and be open to it.

Wishing you all the open mindedness, the joy of learning and the inspiration to lead the best life you can imagine!

Enjoy life!

Thank yo so much for reading me,