In silence you hear what is the answer to your questions

In silence you learn how and what action you want to take

In silence you feel what is right

In silence you know what you want

In silence you know who you really are

Then why don’t we sit in silence for a while?

Why are we afraid of the silence?

Unless you are afraid

of meeting the real you,

of hearing what is right,

of seeing what is your path in life,

I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t find those daily moments of reflexion.

Once you’ve created the habit of becoming silent each day,

you’ll feel the benefits of it, and you will keep doing it day after day.

It’s such a quiet, safe haven to come home to, in all the chaos and busyness of the outside world.

Without this place of restfulness, you get absorbed by external things, you get washed away by the amount of “things-to-do”,… and then you drawn.

People feel exhausted,

People feel overwhelmed,

People feel out of control,

People feel swamped.

But still, they do more instead of less.

In doing more, they hope to feel in control, they hope to fill the emptiness they are experiencing.

People don’t understand why they feel empty in a world which is full of action, full of people, full of stuff…

They feel empty because they are estranged from themselves.

They make no time to listen to their heart.

Find your quiet place, create that moment of restfulness.

Make time

Make space

Simplify your life and you will feel the emptiness fading away.

In living a simple life,

You will actually enjoy everything you do.

In having more time,

You will hear your inner voice and you will start living from your heart again.

In having less stuff,

You will actually know and enjoy everything you have.

I bet there are at least 50 things in your house that you are no longer aware of that you have them,… and yet, we keep on buying stuff.

I invite you all to just sit for a while, doing nothing.

Just let your mind be free,


Put your hands on your heart and listen to your silence.

Create and enjoy your own place of peace and quiet.

Have a very nice, mindful week!