Rush, rush, rush!

rushing all the time….

Does this sound familiar????

I think for most of us it does, doesn’t it?

We rush,

we hurry,

we push forward,

we struggle to get everything done,

we feel swamped,we feel exhausted,

we feel as if we’re constantly pushed.

This kind of living:

makes us unhappy,

makes us feel unable to deal with it all,

makes us feel frustrated:

We don’t have enough time to spend with our loved ones,

We are not present.

We make mistakes, we deliver sloppy work from time to time.

We feel like we’re lacking all the time…

So how long will you keep going on like that?

One of my favourite authors, Courtney Carver, has a very clear answer to this question:

You will go on until

you have a break down

or a break up

or both!

She knows what she’s talking about because she ended up with a divorce and a diagnosis of MS.

Listen to your wake up calls!!!

What do they sound like?

You have the silent ones: I don’t feel well, I am tired all the time, I feel something is off but I can’t put my finger on it,…

You have the loud ones: you get fired, you end up in a divorce, you become ill, ….

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait like a sitting duck for this disaster to happen!!!!

You can turn around your life right now!!

You are in charge!

Listen to your inner voice!!

You make your choices!

Listen to what your heart is telling you!

Start making your life lighter this very minute!

Decluttering is a very good way to start.

It’s very concrete and it’s an easy way to start getting your life back on the rails.

You choose how much you can do each day.

You will feel more in charge of your life,

you will immediately feel more free,

you’ll be breathing more easily.

This will already release some of the pressure you’re feeling and feeling less stress will reflect on every aspect in your life!

That’s the beauty of it!

What can you do this very week?

For example:

– toss away all your old magazines and paper clutter that are camping everywhere in your house: in the living room, in the bathroom, in your bedroom, in the little room.

– unsubscribe from 3-5 mailing lists that no longer make you happy!

– cancel 2 things on your calendar this week that are not necessary and that would consume more energy than you can spare.

– …

You’ll notice that once you start clearing your stuff, clearing your agenda, you’ll want to keep making space, making time!

Give it a try!

Enjoy the results and the way it makes you feel!

I know this too can feel overwhelming to start with, but start small. (even if it is just tossing away a pen that is not working anymore)

Do something right now!

I’ll be more than happy to help you in your journey to a clutter free life! You don’t need to do this alone.

Feel free to send me an email!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

I wish you a very light, bright, sunny week!!

Thank you for reading me.