“What are you willing to give up in order to have the life you keep saying you want?”

Elisabeth Gilbert.

I find that a very fascinating question. People tend to know exactly what they don’t want anymore in their lives, most of us even have a pretty good idea of what looks like the “perfect” life to them.

But then, when the question pops up, everybody has a bucket full of reasons why they “can’t” change the life they’re living now.Why can’t you change it?

Says who?

Is somebody keeping a gun to your head? NO!!

We always have a choice!!!

That’s the beauty of living in a free country. We do have a choice!

Of course, choices have consequences.

I know.

You can’t have a different life doing all the things you are doing now.

And no,

You can’t have the same life as you have now, not doing all the things you do now.

That’s a no brainer but apparently the biggest issue for people in the process of change.

Yes, change does not come easy. You have to WANT it badly enough!

You can’t have a different life if you are not changing the way you think!

First you have to change the way you think about your life.

When you realize what you do want and what you do not want anymore,

THEN you start acting differently!

So let’s get started with that thinking process.

Create a very clear image of how you want to live, in detail!

Work on that picture in your head!

Then start ‘seeing’ you actually living that life. Visualize your new fantastic life!

Feel how great it is to live this new life!

Do this over and over again!

That’s how you will start feeling good about your changes,

that’s where you will become motivated to actually live this new life!

Once you have experienced this good feeling,

Once your WHY is very clear,

The decisions you have to make will become a lot easier.

Change is never easy,

Change never comes without hard work (mentally),

Change is a process,

Change is something you consciously have to work on.

“You have to until you want to,

once you want to, you don’t have to anymore.”

That’s true: once you really want it, it doens’t feel ‘hard to do’ anymore, it doesn’t feel as an obligation anymore because

it is what you want,

it is what makes you feel good!

So, find yourself a quiet spot, a quiet moment and think very honestly about what it is that really makes you happy, think about what you really want in life.

Then start visualizing this new life, over and over again.

You will feel resistance in the beginning of changing into your new life.

You are discovering new grounds, this feels scary but great at the same time!

Keep up the change and you will feel it becoming easier and easier.

I wish you the courage, the strength, the quietness to find out how you want to spend your time here on earth.

Live the life that makes you happy, not what other people say will make you happy!

Thank you for reading me and I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Hit the comment button, write me an email,.. whatever you prefer.

Have a very nice week!!!